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  1. I went to Lowes today to look for lights and all they had left were a couple boxes of odds and ends. I'm so disappointed as I bought about 100 boxes from them last year.
  2. No I don't mind it. He actually said he wished there was a better method and asked me to ask around to see if you guys had any better ideas. I will probably do the rebar method, but just wondering what the rest of you did.
  3. My dad made me a 1/2 inch plywood cutout of a manager scene. He recommends using rebar and plumbers clamps around the rebar connected to the plywood. He says that it works for him but I'm looking for some other ideas. What do you guys do when putting up cutouts in your yards??
  4. That looks great. I would love to see it lit up. I have a question for ya. I'm curious how you anchored them into the ground?? I have a plywood project that is out of 1/2 inch plywood that I have no idea how to anchor it.
  5. Has anyone every used one of the old volleyball supports with the cement tire for their primary pole for a mega tree? I would think that would be more than strong enough for any wind that comes our way and it would be very portable and as long as you have storage places on the ground it doesn't take up too much room. Any advice would be very much welcomed.
  6. My dad has a pretty good size display and the only Santa he has is a plywood painting of Santa kneeling in front of the baby Jesus. As I build my display I am going to keep with that theme and only add a Santa when it has special meaning like his does.
  7. I found the 36" snowflakes at HD thanks to some of the responders on here. Like I said earlier, I bought nine of them. Thanks for all the help in here. Next time I have a question I definitely won't hesitate in asking since I got so much wonderful help.
  8. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I went into Home Depot as was suggested and found cases of snowflakes. So I grabbed nine, called my dad and he wanted four. Anyone in the Twin Cities area is going to have some major deals as all stores still have a ton on Christmas decorations.
  9. I have looked at many stores and haven't been able to find any big snowflakes. Does anybody have any ideas for stores who sell them?
  10. The shortage can be blamed on me too. The other day I bought 72 boxes of lights and might go back after Christmas to see if they have any more. Too bad they didn't have any LED's though:(
  11. Does anybody have a DIY version of the Leaping arch Lights?? I have a huge property line that I think these would look awesome there.
  12. What kind of lights are used on these Leaping Arches?
  13. I see that you used them where it actually snows so I am assuming you get winds along with that, so my question is how do you anchor them so they don't blow away.
  14. Excellent job with your choir of angels. I got chills during it. I'm glad to see someone do what I am planning on trying to do someday. Thank you very much.
  15. Can I ask what you are going to make your trees out of, most specifically the frame under the mini lights.
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