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  1. On idea #1 woul d you have ti worry abiut the strings sagging? if you want a laser type look I imagine the strings have to be perfevtly taut.
  2. So basically they are the first mega trees! Seem like pretty easy way to set up several of them. Too bad they're out of business. Anyone know where or if they still sell them?
  3. Tom, Can you give me more information about your powerd track? I understand you used battery chargers, is that correct? If so I'd love to know how you connected them to the track, how much track one charger will effectively cover and any other detailed information you'd care to share. Thanks in advance. Ken Knighton

  4. I have a street light in front of my house also. It used to bug me but once I got the display to a certain size, you never even notice the street light. Just keep on growing your display and simply outshine the thing. works like a charm. An added benefit is it would help slow down vandals as the yard is not dark when the display is off.
  5. Have just one tree to get the lights from. Will only take 10 mins tops, just hadn't gotten to it. Everything else is done.
  6. bear-bear the trucker wrote: No biggie. Drill a hole in and put one of those lights in them. You can find them at Hobby Lobby. They're in the doll house seciton and are the same lights as are uisusally found in blow molds.
  7. I think putting Lights more toward the bottom makes some sense. That way people might be more inclined to view the other topics as they go by them. Otherwise they just click on Lights at the top and ignore the rest. or maybe I'm crazy - always a good possibilty!
  8. Richard, You probably already know this but if you finish the basement you won't get all of that money back out of it when you sell. If you can do it yourself you might make a few bucks but otherwise you would lose money on the deal.Also I live in a covenant community - almost impossible not to nowadays - and have no problem with my display. But in fairness I don't generate as much traffic as you and the community is not gated. Bottom line Iwouldn't rule someplace out because of an HOA. I'd check the covenants beforehand though and maybe ask some prospective neighbors. Otherwise I fear you
  9. Have you checked at REI yet? they have some nice climbing harnesses
  10. Just saw something at Home Depot which might be useful for a roof grid. They're premade snow fences that roll up. Basically they're slats bound by wire .
  11. Just saw something at Home Depot which might be useful for a roof grid. They're premade snow fences that roll up. Basically they're slats bound by wire .
  12. Michael B wrote: Michael, Ok I've got to ask. What temperature is cold for you? Don't get me wrong I grew up in Louisiana but I'm thinking Florida ia another kettle of fish altogether.
  13. Ooopps....haven't done a double post in a while.
  14. Our tradition is to leave them on midnight on New year's Eve, so I have 40 more minutes. The first couple of nights are always hard because it seems so dark and gloomy outside, even with a nearby street light. Teardown....we have had several snow storms again this December so some stuff will take a while. But will make big effort to get the bigger stuff - carousel and ferris wheel in as soon as possible so will dig them out if snow doesn't melt by the weekend. Second year in a row for pretty severe weather and the display has taken a beating the last couple of years so getting it all put u
  15. I want to animate a portion of my display next year. I understand the basics (very basic) of how the technology works. However I've never seen this question....I'm not that musical so is it difficult to figure out how to program to music? Do you need basic music lessons?
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