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  1. We use www.LogMeIn.com for controlling things remotely -- it also makes it very easy to control things on an outside network (while away from home) just in case... it's also free.
  2. Is it OK to use artificials outside? Aren't you worried about rust, falling over, etc? I considered it yesterday -- Wal-Mart had dozens of each style still in stock -- but every one said "For indoor use only" on the box.
  3. This is only our second year running a LOR display. We went from 32 channels last year up to 64. Unfortunately, we're in town so we have precious little yard space (not to mention parking!!), but we work with what we've got! I'd love to do a megatree next year, but can't figure out how I'm going to attach it to the roof of the porch. Anyway, check out the videos if you have a chance. We'd love to get some feedback from the experts! http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=611695DFDD1A332B
  4. I took a ride down to a Maryland Lowes and Home Depot tonight. Lowes had some purples and yellows left, but no clears or other solid colors. Home Depot had no solid lights, but clears started at $4 for 100 count... after the discount! Still holding off for the one Walmart in the area with solids... tempted to buy some cases at full price the way things are looking this year!!
  5. I wonder how much it costs to ship a pallet of lights from Michigan to Pennsylvania...
  6. Lowes already went from 25 to 50% off... but the ones around here didn't have any solid colors anyway! I've got a Walmat in a local town that has cases of what I need for next year, but I don't really want to pay the $2.48/box. Impatient...
  7. Last year was our first year and we had practically no visitors for the first week. It slowly picked up. We just lit up last night for the first time this year and had people watching after the second song! Cars started to form a line tonight. I'm becoming a little concerned if it's getting so crowded this early! One important tip, though -- make sure you have a very clear "Listen to the Lights" or "Tune to xxxFM" sign. If they don't notice that sign, they'll just keep driving. If they do notice it, they'll come back with the kids.
  8. We live in town and have many homes right next to one-another, and right next to the street. This year was our first animated and it was a lot of fun. It also brought with it a lot of traffic and noise that at least one (anonymous) neighbor didn't appreciate: We want to go bigger, but I'm thinking our home might not be the best location. I'm thinking of moving the show away from the house. I know of a guy in the next town over (Gettysburg, PA) that does a show at his business where this is a parking lot. A local technical school did a show this year. I've thought of just joining with the
  9. FYI, I just posted some videos at http://www.mikeandheather.net/lights/ Our cheap digital camera (not designed for videos) seems to cause the audio and video to be out of sync, but the videos look OK anyway. Keep in mind that this is our first year, so be kind!
  10. My dad came to our house tonight to continue to help installing some of the elements. While my parents were here, we did a test run with a handful of songs. We ended up with five neighbors standing across the street with us. All good feedback so far. I hope it stays that way!
  11. LOL -- that's only 13,000 lights at $2/100... I haven't managed to find any solid lights any cheaper.
  12. That's a 40' boom lift. It worked GREAT. I don't know how we could done the roof with only ladders. Cost $260/day, though... expensive, especially for our first year!
  13. Sure did. I called them this morning to remind them to pick it up (as they requested) and was surprised to find it still here tonight! I'm going to call them again tomorrow and make sure they're not planning to charge me for the extra day.
  14. FYI, I just posted some photos from over the weekend: http://www.heatherandmike.com/gallery/2007-lights
  15. Yup, having an electrician in the family is VERY helpful, although I hate to abuse it too much. Notice the new outlets to the right of our panel -- and notice that the top two are unused. I'm quite confident that we'll be adding another 16 channels very soon. When I told my wife we'd have 32 channels and we started programming, she thought we had too many. After she's spent a few hours sequencing, I easily got the OK for additional channels next year.
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