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  1. Out of the 30 songs in my show, it's the only song that is played every night. As a very thankful American, I feel that this is the least that I can do to honor the brave men and women who make have and continued to ensure the freedom, safety and security that my family enjoys each and every day of the year.
  2. Gift sent. Keep the lights up! Merry Christmas! BTW - What's your husbands business? I'm in Spring and need a licensed electrician to run a few new circuits.
  3. Big time kudos to Ryan, Melissa, Jeff, Clyde, Ethan, Anthony, Chris and everyone else that burned some countless hours getting the LSH Academy off the ground and most importantly, a huge success. The bar is set high for next year!
  4. Heard about this. Tragic. Prayers and good vibes heading to your family as well as the Billings family.
  5. Let's not forget one little detail here - downloading, copying, burning copyrighted material is illegal. If you want to use a song in your display, pony up the $0.99 and buy it from itunes, napster, amazon or whatever. Better yet, buy the whole CD. If there is one song that you like on it, chances are that there will be a few others that you like. If you enjoy the music that you can listen to for free on the radio and want the ability to listen to it at will, you need to buy it. The folks that created that music and paid for it out of there own pockets (the record companies loan artis
  6. Echo what Matt said. They were pricey to begin with.
  7. Thanks for the vouch there Ryan. Had a blast at the light crawl last night. The kids are still sleeping well though my 8 year old did bring sunglasses to bed. Sooo many vendors and different products and such out there right now and not for nothing, the LED's are expensive so I'm trying to approach next years LED purchase as a true investment. I have no problem running out to Lowes to pick up lights for $1 a string and in that case, if I loose one or two out of 10 I can live with it. Now, if I'm going out and buying 100 LED strings at $10 each, I expect every single one of those s
  8. Not affiliated in any way, shape or form. I believe that they are sealed. I have a few sets of C9's from them that I got about two years ago but they just didn't look good in my display. Was wondering if any of the more "in the know" folks would know anything about their product line.
  9. Located in San Antonio. http://www.outdoor-decor.com/
  10. The PVC thing is a pretty good idea and substantially cheaper then any of the kits available. May have to do some experimenting tomorrow.
  11. Came across these while searching for some alternatives for hanging lights in the windows (for next year). Right now I just have little clamps that go up with velcro and that works but I have some sags and such and I just don't think that it looks good. It seems that with these, I can frame the windows, put the lights in clips and secure it to the window with some small clips or something. Assuming the thing stays together, it should make take down and put back up a bit easier. I have 17 Windows in the house that I light with each one having a perimeter between 16 and 18 feet http
  12. Shoot, all I remebered to pickup from the storage locker were lights and extension cords. I guess I'll need to go back for the indoor stuff now.
  13. Lowes here in the Houston area had 25% off holiday stuff as well. Didn't hear anything about Target
  14. 3,881,228 + 8500 ___________ 3,889,728
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