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  1. This was our first year with LOR 80 channels and it was a huge hit in our area, simply because no one else had ever done it. We try to rotate the yard every year by adding some new items and moving others around in a new format. Plans for 2007 have begun with moving the 25ft tree off the side of the house and creating it in the round. We will also add 48 more channels. We have older items that retire when needed, but bringing a new display to life each year is exciting and time consuming but worth it the night the lights go on! :ornament:
  2. When we built our home a few years back, one of the main requirements was that the 3 car garage have large drop down openings in the ceiling so that it would be easy to lift items up and in when it came time to put it all away. (My least favorite thing to do). We also had our house wired under the eaves for plugs. Crazy huh? Anyway my husband is a great packer and we use alot of big plastic tubs. Its just the 2 of us but we manage to get it done. We are almost at capacity though.
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