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  1. I agree with what has already been said. Don't mix, you asking for problems. Never had a problem with spt 1. I have heard of people having problems, but they bought cheap wire from one vendor, and the plugs from another vendor. I have only used two vendors, CDI and actionlighting. Their plugs, and wire has always held up well. Check the connections, and if needed use the channel locks.
  2. yes, if you search you will find many posts about this very topic. Just export your channel config, and then create a new file. Import your channel config, and start adding channels where needed.
  3. hello Going to pick the brains of the masses, as well as looking for suggestions above minimum code requirement. I have wanted a permanent flag pole for years. In the past many problems prevented this. Now that we are in the new house with lots of space, that is no longer a factor. My wife has been weighing in on this as well, with positive suggestions. The layout... we would like to place the flag pole with electrical and comm. feeds about 125' in front of the house. We have a gravel driveway that we will have to go under, otherwise no electrical, or other utilities in the path. I know I have to place the electrical in approved conduit. I thought that since I am going to the trouble to bury one cable I might as well as run a Cat5 out also. Can/should the cat5 be in the same area as the electrical. What I have read... 1 place 1 conduit inside of a larger conduit. 2 run equal size conduit... next to each other. 3 run equal size conduit... at least 6" apart. So what are your thoughts. Something I was also toying with was 2 runs of C5. 1 for LOR, and 1 for DMX. Thanks Kent
  4. That storm was the bane of me. Took out several of my candy cane's as breaking them off at the stakes. Also toppled my mega tree. Breaking the PVC's ring. I went out the next day to stand it back up, only to find that it had UNSCREWED the tree from the portable hole. Yes I used pipe wrenchs to secure it. So needless to say, the mega tree is done for the year.
  5. Welcome to the madness. Your lucky that we usually have a get together in the Wichita area in the summer. Just depends on interest, sometimes it is more formal, and other just visiting at someone's house. Start small, and let the display grow each year.
  6. I too have been planning for next year for over a month now. I start making notes for next year as I am setting stuff out for this year. This is the first year for a display at our new house. The old house had a very narrow yard, so the display was very close togather, but now it is very wide, and deep. Spreading everything out was a chore this year. I took lots of notes, and I hope that will help for next year. Next year I am planning to start converting to RGB, so I have also been looking at evertying for that, and where, and how to support that. My plan was to start working on the visualizer, but I haven't had a chance to take an updated photo yet.
  7. In the past I ran a outdoor rate speaker wire from my garage outside to outdoor rated speakers. The computer plays the music, that is then hooked to a stereo. I use the audio program to play basically my entire Christmas collection. This year I am attempting to get Zara Radio to work. Nothing wrong with the program, computer issues. I agree with Darlene that most people will not say for the entire CD, but your family may haunt you. Try changing the CD at least every day.
  8. Just got word, that we have an offer on our house. We found a house we love, and put an conditional offer on it, being the sale of our old house. Months and months have gone by, and last night we have an offer on it. They are set to sign paperwork today, and they want to move into it in less than 30 days. So hopefully closing goes by quick, and without any hickups. We can now breath, and focus on what we want to do to OUR house. We haven't been able to make any changes to it, as we were renting pending the sale to be final. We can now finally move forward.
  9. I look at the forecast. I usually look for the week before Thanksgiving.
  10. Wohoo, I like how we will be able to start with a telescope, and work our way to the naked eye with this one.
  11. mine was attached to a 6" long 1/2" male pipe. Then I just screw it onto the top of the JUMP.
  12. I also use the vice grip method. I have only found one time that it didn't do it by itself, and then I hit it with the hammer, and then pulled with out a problem.
  13. Another thing you could do is like was mentioned two levels, but make M's instead pf upside down V's. You will have to experiment with the height, as I don't think I was @ the 6ft mark. I believe I had 1 string for the top, and 2 strings on the bottom. Sorry but the notes for previous years setup are not with me today. Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2
  14. Okay, that site is pretty much amazing. Great resource.
  15. Yeup, I cut them off to, but that's just me also. My wife keeps pointing out that from the distance you can't even see the tag, espicially at night. Oh well, I use it as the this one I tested indicator then. It really is a "to each thier own" thing.
  16. unfortunately count me out, way to close to setup time, plus family time gets tough as the weather will be turning bad.
  17. I guess they don't sell them any more, but Holiday Coro used to make arches that were just a foot tall or so. It was made of coro and I think each piece had 4 small arches on it, and then you could connect each section to the next. I really like them, but I didn't need them then. You might be able to search around for pics and do your own thing with it.
  18. Well, I am also sorry that you had problems. I have done website work, and graphic design for others. I also to require a small down payment. Not 50%, but definitely a percentage. I do know several other web designers that the final cost is based off of payment... Final cost is cheaper if a down payment is made. No down payment and you end up paying more. I have been asked, and so far have always turned down the opportunity to sequence for others. I personally like doing my own sequencing. I do hope that paypal is able to help you.
  19. the problem with Tapatalk seems to be with a setting for this site. This is the only forum that is not currently working correctly on it. I have to use the browser to read it on the go.
  20. the Tacky Light Tour is asking for people that get into competition with a neighbor over lighting to contact them. http://www.tackylighttour.com/forums/messages.aspx?TopicID=90
  21. 1) Doesn't matter. If you have the channels you can do both. One set clockwise, and another set counter clockwise 2) Your choice, just keep them going the same side. So if you put strand #2 on the Left side of #1, do that for the rest. 3) yes 1.5 seems correct. Once you get out there is will begin to make sense.
  22. Wow, how tall is your tree going to be?
  23. Ummm, C7's are only one size, then again that is why some people use C9's. It is a big step up for me as I had been using mini's in the years past. It is about personal taste, and for me, I think C7 will fill the need. In my opinion the C9 is only needed when your house is way off the road, but like I said it was all about personal taste.
  24. I went with C7. The bulbs are LED from CDI, the cord/sockets I think came from 100bulbs. I am also three color with 4" between bulbs.
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