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  1. Anyone know how Paul Berzins makes his fireworks? I have purchased some fish attractors to use as the burst and was wondering what Paul used for his tips and how many lights/channels it takes. Thanks Dennis
  2. Just wondering if I could get some good feedback on your choice of vendor for LED lights and also if you have better performance with certain LED lights than others? Thanks, Dennis
  3. Anyone have a good site for free countdown the days until Christmas and also with the local weather with it? Thanks Dennis
  4. Thanks Jerry, I think I will look for a very short string and then tape the extra bulbs or has anyone spray painted them black before? Dennis
  5. Thanks, I will probably go the black tape route. Dennis
  6. Is it possible to cut a 100 ct. string of lights down to 20 or what ever is needed and if so does anyone know how? Thanks, Dennis
  7. Thanks Brandon! That is it.
  8. Several weeks ago a P.C. member was showing items he was making to sell for a do it yourself mega tree. Does anyone remember who the member was? Thanks, Dennis
  9. Love the way you used the t's for the connection and for legs. I am going to try that with mine. Thanks
  10. nettnut


    Any one else from Iowa out there? Where from? I'm from Williamsburg.
  11. Daryl, I tried to add my name to your list so I would know when it is market ready but the link wouldn't work. Please add me if you will and let me know. It looks awsome. Thanks, Dennis [email protected]
  12. Jen if you would move north you wouldn't have those ants in Feb. :waycool: Andy where did you get your Valentine displays at? Thanks, Dennis
  13. Idybug, Your village looks great and are those white lites under the batting? Dennis
  14. Jeff, Go to seasonalites.comand click on Christmas 2007to see our Snow Village pics. Dennis
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