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  1. To answer my question 2 years later: Christmas-LEDS.com has them now. Three cheers for them.
  2. Nice work. Explaining and showing is a lot better than lecturing and talking down. You may have made another decorator.
  3. I was thinking, who are you doing this for, yourself, the city council or your (nice) neighbors. It sounds like you're angry with the city council but are gong to take it out on the neighbors. I think that you should talk to the Mayor and work it out so that you could set it up in a park. Free electricity, lots of land and potentially more people can enjoy it. Then I read your post about the gallery offering space so it's probably moot. Good Luck and Merry Christmas... anyway.
  4. I think that it's awesome that you have a bunch of neighbors that are into Christmas decorating. Try to keep it mentally as a cooperation, not a competition. I like the idea of coordinating with your neighbors on the Virtual santa, perhaps a daily rotation where kids would try to find him every night.
  5. Thanks I'm going to do a test tonight counting on the cold ambient air to keep them cool. They're animated so there should be time to cool. I'm hoping to have my little singing trees added this weekend.
  6. I suggest that you use regular extension cords to power the LOR controllers. The voltage drop in the SPT cords may be excessive. Don't go smaller than 14AWG, 12 AWG if the load is expected to be over 15A. Low voltage causes odd and hard to troubleshoot problems with electronics.
  7. Ok. 100 string = .34A. I'm going to cut them in half so 50 string = .17A. Tag says 0.425W bulb. All standard incandescent 100/50 mini stuff.
  8. I'm making a coro with punch through minis. The problem is that I only need about 30 minis on a 50 stream. I don't want to leave the other minis dangling behind the display. I want to change the extra minis to a resistor. Given 2.5V lamp. Replace 10 out if the 50 string. I got ~150 ohms on a 5W resistor. Hows that math look? Thanks.
  9. If they are on at full brightness all of the time, even during a show then you smoked a triac.
  10. If they are on at full brightness all of the time, even during a show then you smoked a triac.
  11. The timer might be using a triac relay. They will leak a small amount of voltage that's enough to light up the LEDs at times. Try adding a ballast resistor such as a single C9 incandescent.
  12. Welcome to animated decorating. It can be tough but it's worth it at the end. I bundle my strings. Most of the time, I have only one color on at a time so I bundle them to make it look like the lights themselves are changing color when I switch between colors. I have a 14' mega. If you're going to use that many strings, be sure that you have a solid plan for raising it. I have 24 strings of 100 count plus a star plus two strings of strobes and we can "Iwo-Jima" it up into place. Any more would make it too heavy. I don't hang my base ring. I use 1/2" PVC in a circle. I have it staked abo
  13. You might need a ballast resistor somewhere in the LED circuit. The triacs will leak a little voltage when "off". Try adding a single resistive load like a C9 or C7 light at the beginning or end of the LED strings that don't shut off.
  14. Ka-Ching. There's your paycheck for all of your hard work. Well done.
  15. I wouldn't put a range in it. Let them guess anything.
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