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  1. I would not twist the red and green together, having them separated makes the tree look fuller. If you are going to add white then I would definitely not put them together.
  2. My problem may have been caused by two things. I did not use turn buckles to keep the ropes tight and the quality of the rope may have allowed it to strech. I do think however that the bigger the tree the more problems you will have with ropes. Also if you use wire, shop around on price. The wire I used cost me 9 cents/ft but I also saw it as high as 42 cents/ft.
  3. I tried an eight foot tree with ropes and they sagged too much. The ropes seems to be tight until you put all the lights on and then lose their shape. I am now using wire - I believe it is 3/32nd.
  4. Yes - They will fit anywhere under the sofit.
  5. I put mine under the sofit as shown in this photo. The photo is from Richard Holdman's display.
  6. Bill, Jeff and Scott: Thanks for a great expo. It was nice to see old friends and make a few new ones. Gary
  7. Walmart carried these in 2007-2008, but the stores in our area have not had them since then. From what I understand these are hard to find and if you do they can be somewhat expensive. Good luck. Gary
  8. ChrisL1976 posted this calculator:
  9. I have used these since 2007 on my eves and windows and everyone asked how I get my lights so straight. Well worth the money. Gary
  10. The calculator is asking for the dimensions in feet. I have used it and the results seem reasonable.
  11. Two or three years ago an engineer explained here on PC why three guy wires were actually better than four. I am not sure I understood it at the time and can not remember the exact reasons. One option is to use three wires from the top and three more attached one-third of the way down from the top (at opposite angles). Also make sure the pole is perfectly vertical so the weight of the lights is evenly distributed.
  12. You just need to build the apprpriate frame for your roof. I just used a 20 pound sand bag to hold mine in place and had no problems.[ATTACH=CONFIG]42054[/ATTACH]
  13. I purchased from Christmas-led and put the lights (m6s) on myself. This wireframe folds in the middle for easy storage.
  14. For a 15 minute show I would rather have 10 songs at 90 seconds each than 6 songs at 150 seconds each. I have found that shorter is better and that you should always agree with your wife!!!!
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