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    Falling 300 ft from the side of a high-rise installing lights but being caught by Santa in his sleigh.
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    Grew up on MS Gulf Coast and love Christmas lights.
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    400 Channels LOR and 65,000 RGB nodes, triklits, and G15.

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  1. I think that IP address is only for the web interface. It should not effect the cast of dmx info. If s3 isn't talking, is your lor dongle plugged in? Is the blue network communication square showing?
  2. Nevermind already. START channel on the RGB model was set as 1. I assumed it meant start on that network.
  3. I'm sure it is just a NEWB problem but when I import my LOR sequences then add Nutcracker elements, the nutcracker elements and existing LOR sequence seem to be merged. Meaning, the RGB channels overwrite the first 184 channels of LOR. I know it is doing it for two reasons, 1) there are no more LOR channels when I save as LOR and open it in LOR sequence editor. 2) when I reopen in LOR, the timing where I intend my nutcracker elements to be dark is filled for the first 184 channels with the original LOR sequences. I guess I'm just not "getting" how to import LOR files properly into Xlights. A
  4. Good job by the way! Thank you for the contributions.
  5. Awesome.... still not sure how to use it with LSP but awesome.
  6. Those are REALLY good looking.
  7. If you are using thin wall, you will probably need at least 8 supports to avoid sagging.
  8. Well just popped you $25 to help host the site another month or so......keep up the good work. Rusty
  9. Actually, he means that it is nonstandard for DMX over cat 5. They use a different pair. Search the site for LOR to dmx adapter. You'll find it.
  10. Attractive nuisance I believe it is called. I have an umbrella policy for this. People can sue for any reason. I have had a show since 2006 and have had dozens of wrecks, cars pulling back too far into a ditch or soft ground, dead batteries, arguments over people leaving on their lights, you name it. Never a lawsuit but insurance just in case. It was a small fee relative to my home owners policy. Rw
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