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  1. Got any lights that still work but can't use? Are you being told to never put "those lights" up again? I will gladly take any used minis that are not needed or wanted. Thanks for your help- I am starting fresh this year! Thanks
  2. Are you willing to take them out of the trash and ship them? I would pay for the shipping!!
  3. Where can I purchase the IC components for the Hill 320 controller? I looked on RadioShack.com, but could not find the pieces. Does anyone have a good source for the chips? Also, where can I buy the SSR's? Thanks so much!!! Links would be wonderful to the specific pieces.
  4. So all I do to omit the channels is not build them? Is it that simple? Also, will it still work with Vixen (+ the Hill 320 Add-In)? Thanks a bunch!
  5. Hello- I was considering building the Hill 320 Parallel Port controller seen on Computer Christmas. Do I have to build all 320 channels, or can I just build the 128? Do I need to alter the plans at all, or can I just omit the channels I do not need? Thanks for your help and advise- http://computerchristmas.com/index.phtml?link=how_to&HowToId=4
  6. My father and I would like to start from the bare bones- he has access to the electronic compents cheap through work, and we are up to the challenge. We think we will have alot of fun doing it. Any Suggestions on where to begin, anything to look out for? Thanks alot!
  7. Thanks- my father is working with me on this. He is posting things as well trying to figure out how to do it. I will check out the DIY stuff. Thanks
  8. Hello, I am new... but my father and I wanted to build computerized lights for our front yard for 2007. How should we do this? we want to build it all ourselves... any help??? Thanks alot. We were thinking about a big tree and a pinwheel to start off with - but any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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