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  1. Thanks for tacking on this project Cedric I always look forward to it!
  2. That's awesome! Love the fountains. Are those made ccr's or something similar?
  3. Placed my first LED order today to begin the transformation from incandescents.
  4. Because most people just buy a few strings and if they fail just throw them away. I would bet that very few actually return the defective ones.
  5. We lost two airblowns this year. One the fan died and the other sucked in a ton of powder snow and then froze up. We had a spiral tree come loose and we had to bring in the parachute from our parachuting reindeer due to high winds. The show is under about 14" of snow but that's not bad compared to other years. It all comes in tomorrow.
  6. I'm going to do last years list also. I followed Darlene's lead and sent Nick an email asking about getting this years list.
  7. I was just on Nick's website and it says he is lighting up on Saturday and he still has a ways to go so my guess is that we will hear from him in a few days.
  8. I'll put in my 2 cents also... I have been a part of this for several years now and the list gets shorter each year. BUT... I also agree that if the list gets too long it will turn some folks away. I would offer a complete list and also a list of just the individual forums.
  9. It was great getting all the cards again this year. I received one card that I wanted to share with all of you. It was from the Hart Family from the 2008 PC card exchange list. Their grandson Billy was a member of our lighting community but passed away a few years ago. I received a beautiful card that said; "Thank you so much for remembering my grandson Billy's beautiful light display. Billy will always be in many hearts at Christmas time and always. He was one terrific boy." and it was signed Bill & Linda Hart I get choked up each time I read it. This card made my year!
  10. Anyone? I can't believe I let this slip through my fingers. I was looking at the design and thinking how cool it would be in my display and when I came back it had been eaten! I opend the rest and there were no more of the deer design. ugggghhh!
  11. Ok, I know it sounds crazy but I am looking for a Kit Kat bar. Hershey put out a Kit Kat holiday fun collection. The package had 6 individually wrapped bars. There were three designs embossed onto the bars, Snowmen, Santas, and Reindeer. I was looking at the reindeer one and the design would work great for a project I am planning but it was eaten before I could get a picture of it and all we have left are the other designs. I have searched all my local stores and on-line to no avail. Unfortunately the only way you can tell what design is embossed on the candy it to unwrap it. If someone has these candy bars and could get me a picture of the reindeer one I would be eternally grateful. The wrapper looks like this http://www.flickr.co...uff/2292322255/ Thanks
  12. I got to looking at prior years lists (back to 2008) and decided to send cards to everyone on all of those lists. Maybe it will help put a smile on a few more faces.
  13. When you get to the Managed Watched Topics page scroll to the bottom of the page and you will a box that says something like "Last 30 Days" Clicking it opens a drop down menu where you can choose "From The Beginning" and then click on "Go". That should do the trick. Let me know how you make out. Scott
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