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  1. I have 2 CTB16's left @ $250 Each plus shipping. I'm not going to use them any longer. I can ship them fast if you would like.
  2. Bump I still have 2 LOR PCCTB16's left @ $200 each.
  3. UPDATE on items I have left. 2 CTB16's left @ $200 Each.
  4. I live in town and have it on 10, I can get it from almost all the way around my block with the antenna that was included from Edm hooked up inside my house.. It is going to depend on any interference in your area I would think as to your exact distance. I was more than satisfied with it. I had the whole house transmitter before and didn't like it at all.
  5. I also have an EDM LCD for sale, only used for one Christmas season. $150 plus shipping.
  6. I'm selling my last 4 controllers, I just don't have time to work on lights to this extent anymore. All 4 are 30 amp, include board, enclosure box, high power heatsinks 3 LOR CTB16 PC controllers $200 /ea plus shipping 1 LOR 1602W $230, includes a 100' or so network cable, plus shipping. One of the CTB16PC's has 50' a extension cord for the 2 supply cords. Each one was used for the 2009 and 2010 season. I'll try to answer any questions you have, just pm me. First person to confirm you wish to purchase each or indiviual and sends payment via paypal get them. If they are purc
  7. I'm still out here. Just not very often this past year. I started today and got all the house lights up. I will begin working on the mega tree tomorrow. I am doing the same show this year. I had a little burn out and couldn't get in the mood so just decided I to take a year off from doing anything new. we will be sure and come out and see yours, the kids always enjoy it.
  8. does anyone have a good recommendation for spotlights for landscape lighting. I am looking for LED's and have seen the ones @ lowes and hd. I would like to also get some pendant lights. I can'tfind them for exterior use. Is there a way to waterproof the indoor lights?
  9. cotrill

    LED tubes

    Thanks, let me konw how the green ones turn out. (I am looking at these to put in a fishing boat) I saw a vendor that sells a similar item on another forum that gave me the idea.
  10. cotrill

    LED tubes

    plain vanilla backing? sorry, I didn't follow you. Does it have just a cheap backing on it? Is it peel and stick?
  11. cotrill

    LED tubes

    Does anyone know if these have the 3m backing on them?
  12. I still have an extra SC485-RJ45 Serial Adapter (never used). Here is the link for it. I will sell it for $10 plus shipping. http://store.lightorama.com/scseco.html
  13. I have 2 more controllers my dad has decided to sell, these are the last 2. They are both LOR CTB16PC. Here are the pics. They are both identical. $175 each. First to PM me that they want them will get them.
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