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  • My favorite Christmas story
    I couldn't drive down my street because of all the cars looking at my light show...
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    2809 Granite Ave. Sachse, Texas, USA
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    I also do a pretty cool Haunted House.
  • About my display
    I use AL with over 100 channels. I was the first in Sachse to animate Christmas lights, and broadcast the music to the cars.

    And I have won NUMEROUS awards for my display. I have over 75,001 lights.

    I am a FIRM believer that Christmas lights should NOT be on until AFTER Thanksgiving.
  1. Here is a pic. I used seven 'vertical lights', each controlled on a separate channel. http://flic.kr/p/dGYQL1
  2. Yes, throwing up the weight is very tricky. You have to choose a good branch that has a fairly clear 'path' for the toss. I have had the weight thrown to the wrong area (bad aim), then have to pull it down. Of course it comes flying right at me! I have had some very close calls with being hit. My 'high' branches are about 20' up. One trick I used in a high branch area was to use my extension pole with the weight twisted on top. I put the weight it the desired area, then un-twisted the pole, and it drops off. Then, i lowered it slowly. Since the weight drops straight down, i have ne
  3. I put seven "vertical" lights on my tree. Each are on a separate channel. I love the look and it really adds to the show. How do I do it? I throw up a weight with a string attached to the desired branch, and lower the weight to the ground. This can be a little tricky!! I then put in a stake at this spot, since the weight is showing me the vertical landing. I then cut off the weight and tie on the light cord (female end). I pull the string raising the lights up to the branch. Then I tie off the string that i used to pull it up. I bungie the bottom to the stake at the ground, and bu
  4. Bill, I'm not looking for the actual MMC card. I'm looking for the PC card that attaches to the MB in order to READ the MMC card.
  5. to clarify... I need the mp3 portion that goes inside the enclosure. Then i will insert an sd card and download my mp3 in order to run the show directly from the MB. My setup does NOT have the mp3 integrated circuit card mounted in the enclosure. So, right now, i have to run the show 'live' from my PC.
  6. How much are you looking to get for one? You can PM me....
  7. I have an older style MB in my LC-16, it doesn't have the mp3 card. I currently HAVE to run my shows "live" from my computer, and I would like to get away from doing this. I also have an extra MB... fyi. Thanks, Jim
  8. I was thinking i would get at least one reply...
  9. Here is a quick video I shot with my Iphone... Sorry, it's a bit shaky. Thanks, Jim
  10. I won 1st Place Best Christmas Lights for the City of Sachse 2009. Hoping to win again in 2010. But we will see... There is a good animated light display about a 1/2 mile away from me. Sometimes he wins, sometimes I do. It's a toss up. lol Enjoy the Show! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 2809 Granite Ave. Sachse Tx. I have 104 channels... Thanks, Jim
  11. LoL... I did the same thing with my SPT-1 wire and SPT-2 plugs. I jammed in a thick piece of zip line. After I put the cap on, I trim the zip line sticking out. It works great.
  12. Jim_Texas

    Stealing Ideas?

    Dang it ! I was going to post a thread about stealing ideas! You stole my idea! ~Jim~
  13. I had out candy canes as Santa on the weekend in December. I usually sit down, then when a car pulls up, I wave. Usually, they will roll down the window, and I will hear "Look, there's Santa!" That's my cue to get up, wave a little more, then approach the car showing them that I have candy canes. Most of the time, I am out there at the cars whne other cars pull up. I always show them candy canes as I approach. I have never seen a car drive off once they have seen me. ~Jim~
  14. Maybe they are just kiddddding around...
  15. So, I was driving in Dallas, and saw this lone sheep surrounded by five or six inflatable Christmas trees. Am I missing something here? No... no manger... nothing else in yard... just one sheep... Ideas? Is this a joke waiting to happen? Confused... ~Jim~
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