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  1. I am doing some research. Would this be DPST?
  2. Oh thats awesome. Thanks for the help
  3. Would I be going over my 8 amp max per channel? I am intrigued.
  4. I have been using LOR for the last five years. My display consists of 60% dynamic and 40% static. The static has recently been transformed to LED. I want to control about 15 amps of power using the computer. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to? Please let me know. I'm all for x10.
  5. Solved the problem. It was a bad switch, we bypassed the switch and now it works wonderfully.
  6. The fuses in my LOR1602W blows everytime I power up the controller. The amerage of 1-8 is 11A and the amperage of 9-16 is 8A. Last night they were working fine but today I added 12 strands of LED M6 (0.6A) and now I seem to have a problem. The fuse blows even when I flip the switch to 'on', without the lights even being powered. I have tried the controllers in different outlets and without the LED M6s and the problem is still there. What do you think it could be? The fuse that controls 9-16 will not remove with screw cap like it should. Instead I have to remove the panel and push it out. There is no signs of burns anywhere in the controller and the other two controllers work fine. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I am entering my fourth year of computer controlled Christmas Lights. I have been using the same Ramsey FM25B for the last three years. This year a new station started on my usual frequency. I am OK with changing the station since its not too bad but I am having trouble with static. Static is transmitted unless I put my screwdriver on the metal around the RF adjustment control. Do you guys know what can be causing this and what can be done to stop it? I think its a ground problem. I have been adjusting the potentiometers accordingly but am not getting anywhere. Also are the potentiometers supposed to be turned greater than 360 degrees. I just realized I have been doing that and I think its been causing problems. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I thought that this was for a more "Clint Eastwood" type mega tree when I first read it.
  9. I have a pretty decent amount of static elements in my display. Normally I just set them up to regular ole timers but this year I want to control them by computer like my LOR, what kinda setup do I need to do this. I read about x-10 and and others but I am at a loss and need guidance. I am kinda just thinking of buying an LOR and a set them to static but thats a little to much. I guess I could get around to sequencing them. Alright now I'm just thinking while typing here. Let me know Thanks
  10. Would excessively fast fades for continuous amounts of time cause any damage to the LOR boxes or do these things not fool around? Its my fourth year with LOR but for some reason I am kinda worried about it this time.
  11. Hey all-- I'm in the process of sequencing Auld Lang Syne and need some opinions. What do you guys think about playing it before Christmas? Its really only played the week before New Years do you think it would be right to play it so early in the lighting season? Thanks
  12. This is our third year we have a computerized Christmas display. We have gotten to be the talk of the town, which consists of about 5,000. Since no one in the area really does anything like this we get a lot of visitors from all over. Last year I created a Facebook fan page for the lights, http://xrl.in/6rl9 and a voice over so people know about it. Well last night my dad called me to tell me the lights were not working. I was not going to be home for an hour or so into the show. The lights eventually went on at 6 instead of 5:30. Later in the night I checked the fan page. Some one had the nerve to complain that the lights did not go on at the specified time. I quote here "EPIC FAIL SISTI FAMILY". I wanted to use expletives and respond back to her but I took the high road and deleted her comment and removed her from the fan page. Then later in the night, we had two little kids dancing to the music with their parents. But really, the nerve of that lady to complain about a free Christmas light show. Have any of you had this problem too?
  13. When I was in high school, 4 years ago, I had a Christmas tree in the bed of my truck. I put LEDs on in it and everything, it was awesome.
  14. Hey, I bought a Ramsey FM25B two years ago. It was assembled by Christmas in Cruces so its better than anything I could have done. Anyway, it is pretty fuzzy this year. I already checked that radio station website everyone uses and my frequency is still excellent. When the song has a loud part it is extra-fuzzy, when it is soft, the song plays fine through the transmitter. Maybe I am playing the song to loud from my computer? I remember three years ago when I set it up I had to adjust some knobs inside the transmitter. Do they loose their position and possibly need to be readjusted? Thanks for the help.
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