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  1. clee

    Wichita Falls??

    Sorry don't know where I came up with the name. It should be Gary Holt
  2. clee

    Wichita Falls??

    i got it to pull up on my phone. That is definitely George Holt.
  3. clee

    Wichita Falls??

    for some reason I can not see the screenshot due to being at work. There are 2 people here that are currently doing this in WF. George Holt is the main one. If the pic is of a house with a mega tree close to it. The other place is David Shoop his pic would have a guitar playing Santa. George has a website www.gekholt.com
  4. Can you zip tie them to the back of the stand to keep them from falling over?
  5. There is a town about 1 hour north of us called Chickasha, Ok. Here is a link to its website. Some very impressive wireframes and a mega tree. http://www.chickashafestivaloflight.com/index.php/gallery
  6. The family was indeed the Burns Family. The got their money in oil. I believe it started in 20's. Each year they would purchase another piece to add to their yard. It is set up every year at Midwestern State. Here is a web site on the story. http://www.mwsu.edu/fantasy/story.asp
  7. How would you secure going up the ridge of the roof and across the top ?
  8. So how do you secure the 2x4's to the roof to keep them from sliding off?
  9. I was too late to get the code. Does anyone have it?
  10. That is one evil faced looking Santa but I like it.
  11. I was sooo planning on being there and at the last minute all plans fell through to go. Definitely will try for next year.
  12. Which machine won the bubble off?
  13. I saw this movie the other day. Good classic. Highlander. quote from Sean Connery in the movie.
  14. I think it would look cool when the snowman got to the top of the jump his main body would seperate and come down in sequence and restack. Lot of work though.
  15. It is easier to move the mower over the grass but I like a challange.
  16. Man that is terrible. I have already moved my yard twice.
  17. Thinking about it that would be cool to have a South park nativity scene. Question is would Kenny be alive or dead and who would kill him?
  18. At first glance I thought it was South Park character next to the donkey.
  19. I wouldn't just because you may end up being the person everyone talks about as in; "We used to be able to put lights up for Christmas until the city banned it because fremontlights had to play the song that implied the word ***** and he screwed it up for all of us."
  20. The motor is connected to a scissor like lift. I think a Jack in the box would be great use for it. Remember it is 12v and you will need to figure out how to reverse polarity to get it to retract.
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