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  1. September 2009. If I remember I had to wait 6 weeks before they shipped from D-light
  2. Two brand new sets of fireflys, never used. Taken out of the packaging for testing. I was going to make the Bethlehem firefly star but never got around to it and now I need to sell these two units. Pictures avaliable, perfect shape. These are the complete units, not the slaves. $135 ea shipped. Paypal preferred.
  3. The lights will be twice as bright and burn out very quickly if 220v are applied to 110v strings.
  4. Brand new in the box, never powered up, fully assembled cards. I was going to use these with wirekats LED's but changed direction in my display. Pictures avaliable, paypal preferred. $100 ea shipped anywhere in the US by USPS. AndyB
  5. As an electrician I'd personally upgrade the panel to one with a primary disconnect. The utility companies don't like it when home owners break the meter seal to pop of the meter. Once they get around to adding a locking meter base you will have no way of disconnecting the power unless you call the utility company to come remove the meter. That's one of the old GE panels that can accommodate the slim single pole breakers. The slim breakers have a much higher failure rate than the full size breakers that fit into the same panel. Besides zinsco I replace more of the slim GE breakers than any
  6. You don't need to install a new service panel just to get more breakers even if your panel is full. What I do in that case is install a 100amp sub panel and move a couple breakers/circuits out of the main panel and put them in the sub panel to free up breaker space in the main panel for the sub panel breaker. Depending on how many GFCI outlets you want installed, location of the sub panel, in addition to what type of panel you have I'd guess it would be just under $1,000 to have a good electrician take care of everything.
  7. sooo many channels. I'm jealous. What are those red arch things next to the front mega tree?
  8. You don't need nearly as many circuits as you think when you are using light controllers. I'm running just under 60,000 lights on 8 controllers with only a 100amps @ 110v sub panel with 6 20 amp circuits. I've found unless you are running huge amounts of lights on a single controller most controllers are fine plugging both plugs into the same outlet.
  9. $900 was a great deal considering close to half that was in parts unless those are the cheapo harbor freight GFCIs. As an electrician I hate to see flex and how it penetrates thru the wall like that but it's all legal. Good luck with your display.
  10. Coming from an electrician those prices are reasonable.
  11. If you are comfortable working with electricity time to break out a multi meter, if not you might be stuck calling an local electrician. Good luck
  12. I"m a license electrician out of the Sacramento area. I may be in the Long Beach area in December to do some training. If you haven't found one by then let me know
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