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  1. The only info I have to support the use of GFCI's is that my son is still alive. He was helping plug in the lights for the display and put his fingers on plug hot lead. I heard the ZAP in one ear, and the GFCI trip out in the other ear. He jumped back and was shocked, but still breathing. That is enough for me. At that time we were on a 50 amp breaker at a campground and it takes a lot to trip those. I use a GFCI in every one of my controller boxes. It is very helpful at isolating where the problem is when one trips. It has almost always been at the far end of the electrical string and i
  2. I get all of my rebar and large stakes out by just giving them a few good hits with a hammer to drive them in deeper. They pull out just as easy as the vice grip method, and also works with lots of ice built up around them. - Michael
  3. I used an LED Spot and the only problems I had were that it seemed to be a little slower in reacting that a regular spot. I did not want to go back and change all my programming to turn it on eariler so after a while I replaced it. Also it did not generate enough heat to melt the snow and I had to keep shoveling it out, where the normal spots clear the snow. I moved the LED spot to my TUNE TO sign. - Michael
  4. I run 4 color super string on my roof and the way I tie them together is to zip tie the 4 bulbs just behind the socket creating one large bulb glob. Then I use a C9 gutter/shingle clip to hold the group. It does take a long time to create the strings, but everything is held in place. I did have one string go out on me, and I just added another string over the top while it was in place, and then waited until January when I took it down to replace the string. You could not even see the dead string up there. - Michael
  5. I cover mine with green outdoor carpeting. I got a 12'x12' roll at Menards and cut it to size. It works really good as a circle under the mega trees. During the 2-3 days they are not covered by snow, they disapear into the yard. It also makes it easy to access the boxes to test, or pull out at the end of the season, just dig out the snow, and lift the carpeting. The boxes are somewhat clean and dry. I also coil up all the extra power cords and hide them under the carpet. Simple and cheap. - Michael
  6. Madison, WI here. - Michael
  7. I have been using Ribbon lights for my trees and it works really good. They are not net lights, but about 1' wide and 6-8' long with very dense spacing. I tie them to the front of a tree with twine. Sometimes I need to ziptie 2-3 wide if it is a large tree. - Michael
  8. I switched to MOZY.com for online daily backup. I sleep better now. - Michael
  9. I do not notice any flickering of my lights, but I can go to my power meter and listen to it 'sing' to the music. I was worried at first, but last year those that know more than me about power, said it was ok, and even normal. - Michael
  10. I have made some premade sections of lights by zip tie'ing them to light weight plastic rollup fencing. This might also be usable for roof lights. You can make them on the ground and then just roll out a section and attach at top and bottom. I did this because I needed a complex pattern of many colors, and had to be able to setup and break down quickly for a road show. It is great, just roll it up when you are done. I put cheap plastic trash bags on top to keep the layers from getting tangled. Easy to store and transport. - Michael
  11. Instead of yelling at the cat, try a squirt gun or spray bottle on thin stream mode filled with water. They get hit by a spray and do not know where it came from. It has more of a lasting effect because when you are not in the room, they might think it will still get them. It got to a point that all we had to do was set the water bottle where they were not supose to go, and they would not ever jump there. - Michael
  12. Thank you! That just solved one of my storage problems. It seems like their antlers and ears always flop around and get stuck on everything. - Michael
  13. I run my cords inside a PVC pipe that runs in front of my door steps, and also put a rope inside. I use the rope to tie it in place using tent stakes. It survied the winter, shoveling and snow blower. - Michael
  14. I cover boxes with outdoor green carpeting chunks, and they blend in nicely. Route all of the cords together where possible and use wire stakes to hold them in the ground. - Michael
  15. I started in Dec 2006 looking into how to setup a display for 2007. I am glad I took the time to read everything, plan a display that fit my house, estimated costs, revised plans down to fit costs, revised plans down to fit time, revised plans down to fit frustration. I found lots of ways to cut corners on time by getting lots of premade items, and seeing how little I could do to get a good effect. One example is mini-trees. It came time to get them setup and I only had some lights sitting in the shed, no frames or anything. I went to Ace Hardware and picked up 10 Zig-Zag premade mini tre
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