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  1. www.AHeartForChristmas.com This is the epic introduction song to a 20-minute light show featuring projection mapping, water, fog, and 60,000 Christmas lights! This song features leaping arches and RGB flood lights.
  2. Super Cool Christmas Light Show featuring water fountains, projection mapping, RGB lights, and more! This is one song part of a 20-minute show. Music from "The Nutcracker." www.AHeartForChristmas.com
  3. This made me smile. I liked how the show built on itself and all the clever little changes you made to the programming to keep it fresh.
  4. GAH! You found it I was listening to this song a lot wondering whether I should program it and sure enough, a brilliant mind found it too and beat me to the debut
  5. Brilliant! This was exceptional. Clean design, acutely programmed. You clearly have an ear for the intricacies of music! I was never bored . I would like to share this video on my Facebook page if that's OK? Great showcase of of a tastefully done show
  6. This issue isn't really Mac or PC. The problem is that Animation Director doesn't work, period .
  7. Well naturally you would have to be careful to not cover the solar panels themselves. Perhaps out RGB lignts outlining each panel so you can chase colors all around. Depending on your arrangement of panels this could serve for some great animation.
  8. I think they do sell an expensive "moving" version but the standard outdoor version only twinkles with a gentle breeze. BlissLight's primary business is through distributors so they're website isn't really designed for consumers.
  9. My understanding is that the new models do come with timers. When we started selling models they didn't have timers but suddenly they started including them...but everyone is out of stock so we will see what the new stocks shows.
  10. Hello! I am looking to create two animatronic snowmen and have them talk to each-other and interact with guests. I plan on using TrackSkull for head programming and live interaction with guests but here are my clinchers: 1) Is LOR the best system to run the animatronics on pre-animated routines? 2) If I put a snowman on each side of the path, how do I run them both off one system but keep the audio separate so the perspective is right? Ex: Two speakers, one by each snowman (but all run off one system so the snowman-to-snowman talking is timed correctly) I have never done this before so any other advice is greatly appreciated!
  11. That's cool Piloto! How does it hold up over 14-30 days? Also, any ideas on snow "Decor?" I'm turning my 300' driveway into a winter wonderland and I want it to be "natural" but magical.
  12. I would love to hear of something like this too! I've been trying to find this for years.
  13. JHolmes

    Feel Horrible

    Here is a scary thought for you , my donation box does not have a lock. We raise anywhere from $20 - $400 per night and each night there is always something. I did a show at my home in 2007 and then again this Christmas. Both seasons, there was one day where we received absolutely nothing. Now statistically, this is weird…even on our lowest attendance days we receive something. My logic is pretty simple, somebody needed that money. I don't know why and I don't really need to know. But somebody was desperate enough during the holiday season to steal from a Christmas charity. My only prayer for them is that the money helped ease their stresses and helped where it could. Maybe it wasn't the charity I intended the money for, but I pray it helped whoever it was that took it. Just my thoughts
  14. Ah I see the issue. I guess my brain is kind-of polar. I think of lighting fixtures as dancers. I know what music I like and I know which dancers I like, so I try to match them up.
  15. We are out of stock but I'm going to be selling Bliss in February. I used 10 in our charity display and it was AMAZING!
  16. Knock-off product of BlissLights. I saw in the description you need 3 of these units for one of the sample trees? The BlissLight could light the entire tree with one unit. Disney-approved , probably better off with Bliss.
  17. If it's ok, I would like to throw my two cents in because it's a little different than what I've been reading. When I read the OP, my understanding of "Mickey Mousing" was matching the music to the lights, not the other way around. For example, in the original Mickey Mouse animation (Steamboat Willie), the animators found sounds that matched what the animations that were drawn. I don't think many of us do that in our industry. If anything, we create songs or mixes and then match the lights to the music. Considering the workflow of LOR, I think it would be mighty difficult to create an animation and then match music to IT. OP, am I reading your post correctly? Mickey Mousing is "Syncing Music to Lights" not "Lights to Music?"
  18. Well as they say, it's either time or money Thank you for all the info! Where could I start with tutorials and parts? I think a completed unit is out of my price-range but I want to at least start experimenting.
  19. Hello friends! As the season comes to a close I can't help but brainstorm for 2014. I have come to the realization that I really love Animatronics! However, I have no idea where to begin. Would anybody be able to point me in the direction of knowledge? Much like synchronized lighting, I was blessed to find the PC forums and now, as I venture into moving parts etc etc etc, I am hoping there is a place to begin small and work my way up. Blessings!
  20. We don't really have grass but we do have leaves and tree-trunks. What paint would work on that?
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