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  1. I voted today!! IS it April yet???!!!
  2. hey mark; you back from south of the border? WHAT's UP??

  3. I VOTED for the 24th!! See You ALL Soon!!! PP
  4. I'll vote for April 24, 2010 PP:santasmileyitty:
  5. Hey Paul; Are the pre orders still coming? I haven't seen anything yet? Yes, the 48 hour sale sounds perfect!
  6. Thanks Paul! Look Forward to the update!
  7. Paul; Does this mean we might see our orders -- somewhere in mid to late August?
  8. Got my EDM-TX-LCD 2 days ago. It took longer to find and heat my soldering iron than to solder the power socket to the board.(The only thing you have to solder) Everything else is assembled. It comes in a great powder coated metal case. And is quality constructed. You really can't hurt it. Ask me how I know? I finshed putting the power socket on the baord, plugged in the power supply to the unit and-- nothing. Checked everything-- all looked good. So, I sent an e mail to EDM figuring it would take at least a couple of days, if I was lucky, to hear from them. WRONG!! I had a reply wit
  9. Kevin; The reasons some of your mini male plugs may not stay in is because the prongs on the mini maleplug are just a few millilmeters shorter than normal and don't allow the female receptors to "grab" them. The other thing is the mini male prong is not thick enough for the female receptors to grab.The best way to fix the problem is the old way of just cut off the factory end and put on a new 2 prong polarized male plug. PETE
  10. Kevin; I use many U- ground style female plugs with my mini's and they work just fine. Sometimes I have had to expand the mini plug a lilltle to make it fit tight but usually it's not necessary. If I need additional female plugs I usaully get the "polarized" 2 wire type rather than using the 3 wire U-ground type. The "polarized" type are cheaper and you don't have any conductor to hook to U- ground anyway. But if you get a "Smokin" deal on a bunch-- what the heck. Pete
  11. Thanks, Chuck! It did help! Pete
  12. how do i get to the first post?
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