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  1. I agree Philip. Their LED prices are way out there too. Giant Tiger here usually puts them out for about 7 dollars in red white and blue for 70 count LED. Not full wave though. 3 Years so far and no major issues. Geoff
  2. Hi Denny, Yes they were incand. The LED C7's were on for 14 and change. C6 raspberry style 75 count in white was 19 dollars. Yikes. I hope this price drops after Halloween Geoff
  3. 100 count mini's here at Walmart in Canada or at least in Saskatchewan is 7.84 -clear or multi. Oof! Geoff
  4. Wow! Walmart here has the 100 mini lights in clear or multi for 7.84! Guess I'll wait or make a trip south Geoff
  5. :shock:Very cool. Great Job Tom! Geoff
  6. GeoffB

    OH Canada!

    Thanks Steve and Sysco for the welcome. Blair, yes Walmart does bring in quite a few lights but no deals at all. Giant Tiger is where I have been very lucky. 100 boxes last year of 70 count light strings. 5 dollars a box. 7.00 dollars the year before. Walmart wanted 18.00 and no sale. Geoff,
  7. GeoffB

    OH Canada!

    Thanks Daniel, KeepCHRISTinchristmas, Annette1990 and fellow Canuk Denis. Appreciate the welcome greatly.:D I've debated actually posting for awhile but I guess the time has come. I love the site(thanks Chuck)and Christmas of course! Looks like I've gone a few weeks yet until I can tunnel out to the trees to get the lights down but that leaves me more time for planningthis Christmas. Have a great weekend everyone. Geoff
  8. GeoffB

    OH Canada!

    Things are warming up bdeditch! Yes a lot of snow this year...makes the lights better though. Cold snap was pretty nasty with a -50 with the windchill a few weeks back. Nasty, week of cold. Now its close to zero again, so it looks like a heatwave. How long have you been gone from Saskatoon? Geoff
  9. GeoffB

    OH Canada!

    Well, enough sitting in the background. Thought I would send out a big hello to you all. I enjoy this site tremedously and thank you all for sharing your experiences and videos. Can't wait to start planning for Christmas 08! Regards, GeoffB
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