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  1. This is exactly what I bought: http://store.lightorama.com/ba16chpa.html On the box it says LOR1602W Model 3. (30 amp and it came already assembled)
  2. Brand new RS485 (usb) and LOR160xw (16 channel) CTB16D. Never used. just bought and now moving and won't be able to use it. Best offer will get it. I'm located in Oakville, on, canada.
  3. I'm going to be buying these ASAP. Noma lights from Canadian Tire Qty Size Color Ct Length 17 C6 Blue 70 24' 2 C6 White 70 24' 6 C9 Red 25 16' 6 C9 Blue 25 16' 8 C9 White 25 16' 27 C6 Red 70 24' 27 C6 Green 70 24' 10 C6 Blue 70 24' 71 Mini Red 70 24' 71 Mini White 70 24' I can get for $2672.97Cdn + 15% tax and no shipping Anyone out there that can beat that?
  4. Doug, a quick question. How do you get all your extension cords out of the garage? I believe I read you keep all controllers in the garage for theft reasons... so how do you get them all out? Thx
  5. Bill, when you say 12 slices what exactly does that mean and how many channels did you need? If I was to guess it means the following: You used 36 channels total for your Mega tree broken down into- 12 channels each for Red, Blue and Green? Each channel you controlled 2 strings of a color? (did you have them side by side or front/back?) Thank-you in advance
  6. This whole time I thought most of you only FM broadcast... but reading some more posts today, I believe that you are also putting speakers outside for the people that walk by?? Is that true?
  7. Hi, two questions... 1)For those who use 100% LED MEGA Tree's, do you use C6 LED's or other? (what if other?) 2)How do you wrap them, or do you. For example one message here said they have individual string every 2" apart with R G B R G B R G B going all around. (Now they wern't using LEDS so I'd like to here what LED Mega tree owners do) And part 2B question... anyone taking 2 or 3 strings and twisting them together (all same color) just to add more lights? (Again LED builders only....) thank-you in advance again!!!
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