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  1. I create custom sequences for people thru my company. Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I'll try and help you out with these
  2. all of mine have a piece of scrap plywood glued to the back with generous amounts of gorilla glue and a conduit strap screwed to that. They've lasted several seasons through wind and rain without ever coming up
  3. As a sequencer, am I to understand it right that Judy says it's ok for me to create someone a sequence if both of us already own the song ? As for selling a canned sequence to her music, I guess that will never happen thirdly, I think some of the copyright infringement comes not from using the song, but from directly referencing it. the same way you can buy clothes at the dollar store that will fit a barbie doll they will always be labeled something like "clothes for a 5 inch doll" .... so instead maybe I'll create a sequence for the song about ""the domicile on the street celebrating Jesus' birthday."" I have met Judy and she is a nice person, but I the arguement seems it won't really help anyone
  4. I'm helping out with some of the logictical planning on this and Lyman is really trying to pull together a top notch event. So far he has two vendors lined up to be on location with products to sell and show off - one of which is a new player to the holiday lighting realm. There will be about 12-16 classes offered covering several topics, but he is taking the reins on getting top notch teachers for the event and classes that you can't get at the big event in Tennessee. Things are heating up for the event and it should be a great one to attend. Make your plans now and get registered right away so you don't miss out on the best pricing available to the event.
  5. pardon my stupidity, but you don't mention some of the basics and it does slightly inflate. could there be an open zipper somewhere that you missed where the air is escaping? I can't count the number of times I've done this on my larger inflatables. have you looked into just buying a replacement blower?
  6. what a cool addition!! and simple and inexpensive to make too
  7. I got my catalog today too some new and cool items in there this time around
  8. To all those who still have sequences pending, I really AM working on them. The 6 weeks between June 12th and August 2nd are difficult as both kids are at home. But I am diligently working on completing them as efficiently and as best as I can, I don't want folks to feel like they got a crappy rushed job. The kids go back to summer day camp on 8/2 until school starts so I will be getting them knocked out much quicker at that point. I'm just a bit slow right now as I get a bit done, then have to pour juice, then sequence a bit, then make a sandwich, then sequence, then dry someone's tears, ..... (you get the idea) Hope everyone is having a great summer and staying cool
  9. Galaxia runs hot and cold it seems. You might try out the LED curtains from Computerized Lighting (Brad Boyink) He's got similar products, but better and cheaper and you can't go wrong with that... www.ShowVisionLED.com
  10. The 40% off sale will end tonight. They may be on sale again towards October, but don't expect a similar discount .
  11. David, I'd be honored to have a set of these, I can think of several ways to use these in my Halloween and Christmas display as well as along my back fence. the nice thing about the border is that depending on how many lights you fill these with your frame can be made of 1x2s or 2x2 also Do you have any time frame you'd like to see these built? (as before) -Philip
  12. I'm thinking I'll let the current prices run till the end of the week, then go to 25% off for the following couple of weeks
  13. One more day before the sale is over Just in time for those of you buying your first controllers in the LOR sale over the next couple of weeks
  14. Philip

    LOR help

    www.lightertainment.com/store.html on sale thru Wednesday
  15. FIVE MORE DAYS Then all items go back to their regular prices .
  16. As long as your fogger has a control button to activate the fog you can do this by making a relay to go between the fogger controller input and the LOR controller. I haven't done this myself but a few around here have and someone has a how to, but I don't remember right now who it was, but someone will point you in the right direction
  17. Doesn't sound like it lends itself to an affordable trip dates and location have been set and finalized, just not announced. Chuck wouldn't have even brought all this up if it weres Further, We have July 4th family traditions that trump going to a decorators convention (and I bet I'm not the only one)
  18. ok, I stand corrected about Vegas, (I didn't come along till '06) either way the past events that did happen were all Tn, When Chuck posed the "where?" question in 2008, there were alot of responses about having it someplace new, preferably west of the Mississippi. Chuck and his team (which includes you Marilyn) should NOT be surprised when the grumblings about location start to happen. I'm sorry, but I'm not one for sharing a room with someone I'm not related to or already know very very well. Sharing a hotel room is only a small dent in a such a travel budget Did you REALLY just say that out loud. Going to a social event should never cost a fortune ! I would love to be there, but my first and main concern in cost, not meeting people or seeing vendors.(but maybe that's just me) Whether or not I'm there, I'd hope to see some good educational offerings and some good food all for around $99 I also like the idea of going with Colorado or maybe OKC, although the Denver airport is amazingly huge and confusing
  19. I completely agree with Ted on this ... cost control needs to be #1, followed by education, we all want to see and make friends, but I don't need to spend the family fortune to do that hmmm .... Plus ~ $150 hotel @ $75 (plus tax) x3 nights ~ $300 airfare (Holiday weekend) ~ $300 car rental ~ $250 I'm looking at around $1000 and I haven't really DONE anything yet... Bring my family for a vacation and this cost will more than double That's insane !!! What ever happened to the idea of alternating between Gatlinburg and somewhere west of the Mississippi river ????? (Maybe Colorado - it's their 'off-season') Plus 2003 was in Vegas and Chuck and his crew got burned on alot of things, but that should have been a lesson learned from, not a kick in the pants to take the biggest event back home. I realize that having an event some place where you aren't has many logistical challenges, but isn't that was his planning team is for??
  20. All of my printed materials and sample sequences are going to be 40% off for the rest of the month. These files can show you the basics of how to get started with a sequence, help with drawing in your animation screen, and show you how to get started with a d-light FireFli too. There are also sample sequence files for your mega tree spins, leaping arches, and mini tree chases. There's a ton of great info all in one place, buy one or buy them all ... - - - www.Lightertainment.com/store.html If you're on a budget feel free to check out the free info on the handouts page - - - www.Lightertainment.com/handouts.html .
  21. I've done a BIG Halloween display all four years at our current house. I have several elements that I don't put out until Halloween day and the only animation that runs before the 31st is the pumpkin choir. I've gotten very positice responses from the display every years
  22. mini trees all depend on how many you have. If you have 6 or less, go with even if you have 7-13 go with odd more than than, it doesn't really matter
  23. Arch sequences translate very well to mini trees
  24. 2010 Lone Star Holidays Academy is officially a sellout !! With 121 paid attendees and 9 vendor personnel, we have reached our sellout point of 130 people for the 2010 Academy. Registration has been closed and we are preparing to pack the building for 2 days of fun, friends, and (hopefully) a bit of learning. With 25 different class offerings 3 paid meals (plus coffee and donuts) You won't find a bigger event anywhere other than the Great State of Texas .
  25. I've sequenced arches with 5, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 16 sections From a sequencing standpoint there's really no difference in doing the 7, 8, or 9 I don't see the point of 9 as it doesn't lend itself well to a 16 channel controller so now it all depends on whether or not you want to have that top center section or not, once the lights are in motion, you won't really notice it so much
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