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  1. This is our first year of the retro C9's from Paul. These lights look amazing! No failures and still going strong. These dim and fade perfectly. I will be purchasing more.
  2. Just got the CLS strobes in and they do have the WOW factor I am looking for. Tried mixing in a few LED strobes with the bunch and it dosent look half bad. Thanks guys for all the info.
  3. Thanks Bill. Good info to watch out for. Sounds like what I need. Hopefully mine will be here tomorrow.
  4. Thanks Gary. I have ordered a few from CLS to try. Sounds like this is what I am looking for.
  5. Thanks...the LED ones dont have the pop I was expecting.
  6. Just wondering if most use LED strobes or incandescent strobes. I just purchased some LED strobes and am not blown away by there performance. Wondering if incandescent will give that wow factor that strobes are suppose to do. Any comments ?
  7. Try Paul at Creative Dsplays Inc. I have made several purchases from him without any problems or any drama! Everything purchased has operated as stated and is amazing. Very good products with outstanding customer serivce and personal attention from Paul himself. CDI stands behind their products and has quality goods. Paul is a good person and will help you as much as he can. I'm just a very satisfied customer and want to spread the news. Paul, I take checks or money orders...LOL
  8. I use 8 channels per arch also. Im using a 10 foot piece of 1/2" Sch 40 PVC per arch. The lights I use are from CDI. I am using the 50 light(17' string) of M6 LED's per channel. Works for me.
  9. Ok..cant stand it any longer... Folks, I am tired of hearing about Travis and his bad luck, health, customer service and whatever else of an excuse that has been made about him and his business dealings. Also I am tired of hearing about CDI products that were defective and that were replaced. Paul said it well...2008 & 2009 are gone...move on. CDI has a good product and I have ordered from him several times...yes I was in the group that got the bad lights. The issue was resolved to my satisfactiopn...Move on... This thread is about the CDI pre-order...not about Travis. This does not need to be hijacked like the last thread. Order from who you want...Its your choice. Paul, maybe you should add back in to your order rules - No Wining !
  10. OK...Im still looking forward to reading Jeff's post. Thanks for the link.
  11. Hey Richard...did you get the retro C9's from CDI? Says they have five leds in them and the C7's have three. Was just wondering if we were talking about the same lights. Still waiting for my registration on Lone Star to read Jeff's post.
  12. This year I used the C6 from CDI to outline my house and am very pleased with the performance. I used red and also warm white C6 sets for the outline with no problems due to dimming or sequencing. They are bright enough for outlining...IMO I am thinking about changing to the retro fit dimmable C7 due to the fact I am adding another color next year and need more space between lights. I am thinking about three colors with R/G/WW with stringers with 18 inch spacing. This will give me 6 inches between bulbs and should look good. I do have several questions about making the change if anyone could help. 1. Are the retro C7 bulbs as bright as the C6? (I know the retro has three led's..Just asking for comparisons) 2. If anyone has made the change, was it a good decision? (As in quality, not pricing) Are you happy with the change? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Wow nice to know !! Guess I need to order a few more hundred cases from you...
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