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  1. I do something similar. I use a RV Recepticle and cord. It is rated at 30 amps I believe they make heavier versions of this. If I remember I found the recepticle at LOWES and the cord which is about 20 feet at a local RV dealer.
  2. very cool Bill, How many channels are you using?
  3. If I remember they had to disassemble it and haul it away (that cost was covered by the school) but the star itself was free. I kinda mis-spoke the club at the school had to pay a contractor to remove it and haul it to the local votech to be restored.
  4. A local high school purchased it and are moving it to the high school grounds, once it is finished I will take pictures.
  5. That would be cool, I try to make it into Janurary if I can, usually if attendence drops off or I get some decent weather I may begin to take things down. Let me know what day I can try to leave it up until then. I will try to make it down this weekend if possible, we have some things going on with the kids. Where in Harrisburg are you located.
  6. Ron, I am located up here in the Scranton area, I may bring the family by this weekend to see your show. I have 208 channels myself with 32,000 lights This year I have a phone interface working with the show. What would your hours be for the weekend and where are you located in camp hill?
  7. I specifically played that part form my wife, she simply said "are you trying to tell me something"
  8. I finally got my last shipment today, only 3 weeks after I was promised and only after I contacted my CC company about disputing the charge. Fortunatly I was one of the lucky ones that after several tries, both last year and this year, I managed to get the complete order. After 2 years of this kind of service, I am not sure if I will be back next year. I normaly can't order from other vendors by the case but next year I will try that, at least I am sure everything will arrive on time. Good Luck to those still waiting.
  9. Well, about three weeks ago I got excited, received a tracking number, a few days went by and low and behold 4 boxes show up. Great! then realize I was still missing a case of lights. I sent an email out, and also made a telephone call, posted on the help page. Got a response the last case will go out ASAP, that was 19 days ago. Still waiting..... I am getting a little nervous on this issue, all my problems from last years order have been resolved. I figured I'd give LED Lighting a chance this year to square things away, but I am beginning to see the same sceniero as last year appear.
  10. Called led lighting today, got an immediate response. Should receive rest of order early next week.
  11. Tried again (wednesday AM), same thing cant submit post, I will give it a few more days and then give a call.
  12. I tried that link but it wont let me submit the post, tried it a sunday, monday and today
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