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  1. Where did you get the Buzz Box at? I am having a hard time trying to find them online.
  2. I feel your pain. Rick http://www.lightsforchrist.net
  3. This is our first year with an animated display everything has been going along pretty well, I havent posted very much but I frequent the forums often, I have read about displays getting vandalized wich is beyond me why anybody would do such a thing. This past weekend we got hit with a big snow storm the snow plows were out plowing our streets, then yesterday almost all of the snow had already melted off the streets a snow plow came by to get the rest right by the curb to push it up into the yards this is fine but I line the perimeter of my yard with candy canes,I have learned from past years
  4. Alan, I am looking forward to it. Thanks, :tree: http://www.lightsforchrist.net :tree:
  5. Alan, Here is our video of the Happy Birthday Jesus. I just got it uploaded yesterday. The link is: http://youtube.com/watch?v=PGNtClOYGjI I would like to see yours when it is complete also. Thanks, Judi :tree: http://www.lightsforchrist.net :tree:
  6. I get some help from my wife but not on the roof most of the time I have to fly solo, this year we got extra help from the neighbor across the street, on all of the ground level stuff my wife is right in there. Rick http://www.lightsforchrist.net
  7. Does any body know of any Led spot lights that will work with the LOR1602w boxes and where I can get them at? Thanks for your help, Rick
  8. This is the link for where we bought our lights. http://www.seasonalreflections.com/holiday_decorations/catalog/Icicle-Lights-p-3-c-2794.html We bought the green and the red icicle lights in the 300 count.
  9. Our restriction is not enough power. :-)
  10. I just got finished with this song yesterday. However this will be our first year with LOR and I don't know how to include my sequence for you to see it. It says it is to large and it isn't the right file format. Sorry.
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