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    Christmas Story
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    Clarence, New York (Suburb of Buffalo)
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    Christmas Lights.. Duh!! Nascar, F1, Karting, Woodworking and Extreme DIY around the house.
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    Self Employed Carpet Installer
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    2007 was first year with 124 ch LOR and 60,000 lights and just color changing animaton.
    Features are a 36' "mega" with 28,800 minis and 16 - 5' tall "midi" trees with 600 mini lights in 3 colors for a total of 1800 per tree, A 4'x8' Merry Christmas wire framed rope light sign.

    2008 was synchronized to music, broadcast on a Ramsey 30B FM transmitter and a "Tune To" sign was added.
    Features added were a 3 color candy cane "mega" fence that is 120' long with 192 canes , and 48 more channels of LOR.

    2009 I will be adding 3 colors of C9's to the roof line, along with 3 tiers of layered icicle lights ,6 - 24' long leaping arches, a 40' tall, angled to the ground "shooting star" display with 18 - 3' tall stars and 24 wire framed 3D deer for a Marty Slack running deer effect, Plus an additional 124 ch of LOR.

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  1. I'm still around and everything is okay. I decided to just take a year off to finish up some projects around the house. We plan to be back next year!
  2. I remember that exact thing happening to someone last year, I have been looking for the post but haven't found it yet, so I'm not sure what the solution was.
  3. Are you new at posting images?? I had the same problem a while ago, a censored word in the url. Who knew??
  4. The stuck fuse is most likely a bad fuse holder, several years ago there was a batch of holders where the cap gripped the fuse too much and did not allow the little spring in there to push the fuse firmly against the contact in the base of the holder, that resulted in arcing and heat build-up and melted the bottom of the holder. Call LOR and they will send you new fuse holders..
  5. Thank You, The base is 11" square by 36" tall and is made with 3/4" Baltic birch plywood Too much work? I saw the picture of the haunted hayride trailer that you built, I think you can handle this, it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours... Thank You Frank! :pYou are just jealous of the awesomeness of my mega tree.
  6. Mine are mounted on a stand that forms the "trunk" of my mega tree.
  7. I run mine until 11PM Mon-Thurs and Midnight Fri-Sun.
  8. Same here, I really need to "get off the schneid" and get things moving here... and it sounds like we have the same weather forecast here. I don't plan on putting any lights up, until the following weekend. This weekend I hope to give the lawn it's last mowing and final leaf clean up, then set up the Mega tree structure and maybe put the temporary plank roadway across the lawn for the boom-lift...
  9. That video is from Cracker, in Riverside, CA. He is a member here and on LOR forums and posted links to his videos over there... One of the nicest synchronized Halloween displays I have seen...
  10. With rocky soil you will have better luck with "Duckbill Earth Anchors", they work great in most soils but because of the way they go into the ground they are more likely to go between smaller rocks than the auger type. The small ones are as little as $3.50 each and the install rod is under $10.00, the medium sized Duckbill is around $8.00 each and has a 1100 lb rating. The only bad thing about them is they are not removable.
  11. I have 6 arches that are 8 channels each and the controllers are located between arch 1 and 2, between 3 and 4, between 5 and 6. I made custom length spt1 cords that are soldered directly to the lights and extend down the arch, to the controllers. If and when I ever rebuilt them , I really like the sleeve method that others are using and would end up leaving the plugs on the lights and add female plugs to the end of my custom cut lengths of spt1.
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