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  1. Problem solved! It appears that there is a slight path change from the shows created in S2, or and change occured while upgrading. I simply created new shows using the S3 upgrade instead of the ones created in S2, and it WORKED. I dont know why, but.... Thanks for the help
  2. I've been a LOR user for 5-6 years with no problems. I recently upgraded to S3 and had no problems to report, UNTIL.... I started the show named "Christmas Best Of 2011". When the show came on it played some, but not all of the songs in the show. I renamed the show to refresh it, but had the same problem. I've used the show editor for years and it has worked fine. All the sequences work fine individually. Any known software glitches with the show editor? HELP PS. I've posted on the LOR website, but they also recommended posting it here due to the busy season.
  3. Problem solved! Thanks for the feedback. Turned out to be an unfiltered USB cable. Happy New Year
  4. Thanks TD, It only started with the upgrade to 2.9.4. When LOR discovers glitches they r quick to post a fix, usually in the form a tiny upgrade. But other than that it's working fine. I'll wait till the seasons over too. I may try the Light Show pro software and see how it works after this years show is over. Happy New Year:cool:
  5. Thanks for the feedback!... Good thing it wasn't an emergency!!!!
  6. The new 2.9.4 upgrade works great, however I noticed that after a show plays you cant disable it. The show also won't start the next day on its own. This problem is solved with a restart of the computer, but what if I'm not home till late. Never had this problem before. HMMM... I'm running W7 with 8gb ram, i7 processor. Thanks, Brian PS; And yes Chuck, I posted this on the LOR Forum, but thought I'd go for volume...LOL
  7. Maybe its a cold soilder joint? Happens on occasion. Living in south florida we rarely have the snow problem...LOL. Just throwing that out there. Merry Christmas
  8. Greg, Gottem fixed. Went to them hardware utility and reset them and changed the channel. Something in the area must have started interferring with them. All is well now and the show is up and running. Thansk for the input
  9. Make sure your file associations are correct. I recently transferred last years show to a new computer, XP to Windows 7,. The file system was a little different for some reason, so I had to re-associate, (if thats a word), the sequences with the songs. The folders they were in had changed during the transfer process so the show could'nt find the music and just skipped past it. Hope you figure it out.
  10. Anyone had an ELL go out in the middle of the show? I send a signal via ELL to the house across the street that powers 3 other houses. For no appearent reason those houses went dark. I checked the boxes and they are getting power, but no sync. My side of the street (3 houses) works, so it must be the ELL's. Had them for 3 years and never had a problem. There are no "line of sight" issues. Anyone had this problem? Do they just go bad?
  11. The sequence is about a minute long, and yes those 3 channels are on the entire length. I tried the verifier and it shows those channel conflicts with the songs in the show. However I double checked each song and confirmed that the coresponding channels in the songs were off. the verifier still shows a conflict. Do I need to remake the show or will the show realize the changes in the individual songs when they are saved. Thanks PS I didnt have this problem last year I merely upgraded the LOR software. LOL
  12. I'm not new to LOR, but Im having the darndest time creating a background sequence that keeps my chimney wreath, welcome sign, and blow up on during the entire show. The wreath is on ch 1-16, the blow-up is on 2-16, and the sign is on 6-16. There is nothing else on those channels. I created a small sequence with those 3 channels and put it in the background section of the show. I'm under the impression that it will continue to loop until the end of the show, (according to the help section in LOR 2.8.10). It's not working. Am I doing it correectly? HELP PLEASE
  13. Can you say "CONDO COMMANDO"! As Paul Harvey said, "Now you know the rest of the story". If the residents are there legally, and they pay their dues, then they have the right to the same protections under the HOA charter. It sounds like the wife is at least one of the legal guardians of the deceased. Especially while its in probate. Note: "I am not a lawyer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night"! PS. The quote is'nt a dig at LeeLee, just at HOA/POA's in general. Not all of them are like yours.
  14. 3 suggestions: (these suggestions are listed only because it appears you've tried all non-confrontational methods first, and they didnt work.) 1. Lawyer If #1 doesnt work; 2. (In the army we called it) Blanket Party! If #2 doesnt work; 3. Move Unfortunately you can pick your house, but you cant pick your neighbors. Our neighbors are great. They either get involved with us, or keep to themselves. Every year we host a block party on Christmas eve, and its great. Even the ones that are not that sociable come and participate. I know moving is a last resort, but if he's not going any
  15. Wow Chuck, you don't waste anytime. Good deal!!
  16. Nicole, I think your hooked...LOL. It happens that fast. ENJOY!
  17. I'm not sure it'll fix your problem, but you can use both outputs. You won't have to change anything on your controllers, cause the 485B adapter is merely passing the signal from your PC to the triacs.
  18. Sure, I'll take some close-ups tomorrow and send them to you!

  19. IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME! Word of mouth is the best advertisement. My first year it was for my satisfaction, and if people liked it they would get the word out. We had no more cars than normal then. Year 3, we are on the tour-bus map. "Word of mouth"!!! Funny thing is watching the buses try to turn around in the culdesac. Dont give up, 'cus the ones that come next year will be disappointed.:giggle:
  20. You have an unfair advantage, but I wonder what would happen if someone actually stopped to look.....
  21. I use 3/4" pvc for the arch and drive a 3' long 1"1/4 pvc into the ground and place the arch in the pipe and shim it so its tight. No problemo! I haven't had any problems with wind. I also have 3 arches going over my street, but I put a "tee" at the apex of each arch and ran pvc to each one to secure the arches together. The arches are about 10 feet apart. The moral of the story, I think, is if your going to have arches that go over a thoroughfare, use more than one so you have a good sturdy base. Otherwise your going to need guy wires to steady them. PS. Regs idea on the side that has
  22. 20-30 on week days, 70+ on weekends. But since Monday it's been non-stop, and we live on a culdesac.....LOL for the neighbors @ the end!!!!!!!:giggle: PS: Our neighbors and us are all good friends, (Thank Goodness)!
  23. LOL B, When I said controllers, I meant LOR 16 channel controllers. I only have 3 ELL's, 1 for each house. WOW you have 5 ELL's? are you crossing roads or just not using cat5 in your yard?
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