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  1. How long are these strings of lights? Matt
  2. Just got my dozen of Snowflakes In Motion delivered today. I wasn't expecting to get them for a while but they showed up within a few days. Matt
  3. Just got back from my local Lowe's. They didn't have any LED's or mini-lights left whatsoever. I did manage to get a GE Wireless Lights and Sounds of Christmas for $65 though! I am thinking about going back later with my dad to buy some inflatables.
  4. This is my first season using Z-Wave technology to turn my static display on and off. I have a total of 8 Z-Wave outdoor modules, 4 indoor appliance modules, and 1 indoor lamp module. Intermatic Z-Wave Outdoor Module Intermatic Z-Wave Indoor Appliance Module Intermatic Z-Wave Indoor Lamp Module
  5. Had two 50% off coupons so we went to Michael's and purchased the last two Christmas Countdown signs. Michael's gave them to us for half off the sale price. ($29.99 each) Darn good deal if you ask me!
  6. I am definitely going to look into purchasing these for next year's display.
  7. webslinger wrote: Sounds good. You've got first dibs. Just shoot me a PM or post in here.
  8. We have 100 dedicated amps spread across 5 outlets (5 separate 20 amp circuit breakers) and3 20 amp outlets that we share with some of the interior rooms. (Living room, Family room, and garage)
  9. lkcubsrule wrote: Your display is only going to get bigger and better. Get some more outlets and circuit breakers installed.
  10. WOW, that stuff looks amazing. Would save me a lot of time wrapping connections with plastic bags and electrical tape. But where can you buy it by the can and not by the case?
  11. Man, those are really cool! Never seen them before. Is it possible to just replace regular C7 or C9 bulbs and replace them with these twinkling bulbs in their sockets?
  12. We had one of our neighbors (who's an electrician) come and install four GFCI's on the outside of our house and he charged us $200 plus the cost of supplies. Total came out to be like $300, if even that.
  13. That's not good. :shock:Hope you had more to finish the project.
  14. Me and my dad started putting the lights up on Saturday, November 3rd. Starting to put the lights on the bushes in a couple hours! Matt
  15. Hi everyone. I have an extra Smarthome 1132CU Powerlinc Controller laying around here, still in the box, brand new. Does not include the software but it can be easily downloaded for free from here: http://www.smarthome.com/1132CU.html Feel free to make an offer. This unit retails for $69.99 directly from Smarthome!
  16. I also use C9's. I do know that GE makes an energy saving version C9 light set but I do not have any details on it.
  17. John Pidliskey wrote: Even if you wrap electrical tape tight around the zip lock bag? Last year was the first year I went without taping connections and putting zip lock bags over power strips. It was really sad to see part of my display go off for a couple nights without nothing for me to do to fix the problem. I have zip locked and taped all connections and power strips in recent years with my dad and haven't had any problems.
  18. The only thing that I don't understand is how to hook up all indoor and outdoor modules to go on at one time. Do I have to program each to the same house and module code or program them all to the same house code but different module codes? Hopefully I will understand how to program them thru the computer software. Another question I have is: Is it alright to have the main memory module (that is hooked up to the computer) right next to a 6 outlet surge protector? (on the same outlet)
  19. Yeah, I hope so too. Once I receive them I am going to test them out and if they work fine, I will buy some indoor modules for the decorations inside.
  20. kb9nvh wrote: Unfortunately, I don't have LOR :{, and I only have one fluorescent light in the laundry room. So the electrical interference shouldn't really be a problem, right? Matt
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