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    Canadian by birth, American by choice.
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    Building wireframes for myself and for others
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    This year it will be 48 Channels of LOR. Built a 24 foot megatree, Me and a friend design a new megatree head so it will get a test run hopefully in the next couple of weeks

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  1. Yes, but his 2014 presale starts tomorrow.
  2. I had a couple, but I am using the LED Keeper and I have found it is the green ones that go, I replaced them and kept going.
  3. They have the same Energy Star rating as the ones in Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.
  4. I rellay would like to attend, but now I am scheduled to be attending a class in Bakersfield, but class ends on Sat afternoon.
  5. Nope not coming. Besides last year I brought stuff to show people how it worked, and the videos got more time than I did.
  6. We are still thinking about it. Note to self: Don't let your wife see the price of Hotel rooms.
  7. OMG David I just noticed the email you sent me for my Payment. It has been made so sorry for the delay.
  8. LOR 3 does support the 1.31 I have 3.80 and if you go into advanced network preferences you can set it.
  9. Its aliexpress http://www.aliexpress.com/store/701799
  10. Another thing you can do to get the RGB Strip light look is use high voltage led strip lights. I ran 12 of them this year and everyone called them neon lights.
  11. Jacob I emailed you with an add on to my order as well.
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