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  1. Yes, but his 2014 presale starts tomorrow.
  2. I had a couple, but I am using the LED Keeper and I have found it is the green ones that go, I replaced them and kept going.
  3. They have the same Energy Star rating as the ones in Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.
  4. I rellay would like to attend, but now I am scheduled to be attending a class in Bakersfield, but class ends on Sat afternoon.
  5. Nope not coming. Besides last year I brought stuff to show people how it worked, and the videos got more time than I did.
  6. We are still thinking about it. Note to self: Don't let your wife see the price of Hotel rooms.
  7. OMG David I just noticed the email you sent me for my Payment. It has been made so sorry for the delay.
  8. LOR 3 does support the 1.31 I have 3.80 and if you go into advanced network preferences you can set it.
  9. Its aliexpress http://www.aliexpress.com/store/701799
  10. Another thing you can do to get the RGB Strip light look is use high voltage led strip lights. I ran 12 of them this year and everyone called them neon lights.
  11. Jacob I emailed you with an add on to my order as well.
  12. Mike is right you do not want to push them more than 5 5 meter strips. I used all 27 channels, but my strips were cut in half.
  13. A lighted moving Santa and Reindeer http://www.thewinfieldcollection.com/product/Running_Deer_Nite_Lite_Wood_Plans/Lighted_Christmas
  14. I usually have my stuff in 3 days with DHL, stay away from Fedex and UPS.
  15. I ran 4 of those 27 Channel controllers this year and they worked great. I don't know how much they want for those LED strips you showed, but you can get them from Ray as well and they work great. The place I get mine sell them for a lot cheaper than that. My are encased in Silicone tube and silicone filled.. As far as a power supply, stick with Meanwells. Get them here in the US and if something should happen at least you can get service quicker.
  16. Yes we had some damn high winds up here in Oroville, winds peaked at 55 MPH the one day. My 30 foot megatree survived.
  17. Jacob I hope you got my order on Friday. I emailed and faxed you a copy of the order. It was spread all over the place on types & counts.
  18. Why should we delete it or keep it private? And you don't speak for any MITS customers, we speak for ourselves.
  19. I agree Joe, this was way beyond Jacob's control.
  20. If you didn't order from MITS , then why are you here stirring things up. My understanding was this was the people that bought lights on this order,
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