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  1. I would certainly attend a mini in B'Ham
  2. we are up and running after drying all the controllers, light, wires etc out from the flood last year , about 40,000 plus lights, 272 channels (not all loaded yet) glad to be back in the game
  3. the distributor in Marietta is Pitman Co. I have a account with them, last I bought was in July and was around 11.00 a sheet I can get any quantity. send a PM If you want more info Larry
  4. got my strobes 20 of them

  5. hello to all and thank you for your wishes, we have in the past week been moving back into our home in Austell Ga after the severe floods last Fall. we had to completely rebuild our first floor including new power from the street to flooring fixtures drywall plumbing etc. it has been very costly and we would not have made it with out the good help from friens , relatives even some from from Planet christmas and DIY lighting life delt us lemons so we tried to make some lemonaide like 400 amp service for christmas lights, will know soon how we faired on the salvage of those I think a good bit was unharmed so thanks again for your birthday wish and we are looking forward to lighting up again Larry

  6. update, if I get my express's built, 176 channels, maybe 80,000 lights austell Ga just west of thornton Rd at Humphries HIll rd
  7. Shane I have a Overhead you can use, besides you gotta see my new tree Larry
  8. My first year was blane in comparison to Bill or Joeys, but you know what ? my grandkids loved it. and nobody new of the multiple mistakes but me and my critic wife it was fun challenging and I learned a lot and am still learning and loving it. So Shane just have fun to heck if its not perfect just put the smiles on the kids they won't judge you Larry
  9. It was I , I still have a couple cases white mini's (about 50) 1.00 a box
  10. you have a PM on snap and glow

  11. I have a areo Bed inflatable pretty confortable. can bring along friday
  12. Al, you going to mini in april?

  13. I am assuming your speaking of my wire frames?, The arch twister did fine today made 2 arches was able to weld to socket and extentions seems to be holding well. so we are good to go on arches Larrytcupp
  14. Check out this site, http://www.govdeals.com/eas/itmDisplay.cfm?itemID=368&acctID=588looks when you get to sight click on arts and crafts like about 200,000 lights. I bought about 100,000 last year from them took a while to sort and check and repair but ended up with about 900 strings of good lights worked out to be about .15 cents a string if you don't count your time just a heads up PM me if you have any questions on how to bid Larrytcupp
  15. I have the Harbor freight model, works good on 1/4 round steel very well and also used on 3/8 and 1/2 rebar when I made my arch stakes. for the money About 130.00 on ebay it works well. eats wire like crazy when working at higher amp setting on heavy stock. bending circles is still a challenge but will just practice practice practice
  16. 25th good for me as of now and any where in ga you feel is viable its less than 2 hrs to macon feom most anywhere in atlanta so if those sites being offered pan out I am still in Larry
  17. lost count , about 250 boxes red, green, blue 25 boxes led red 60ct 30 boxes led blue 60ct (i said I was not going to get anymore lights this year) Joey (jflex)says I am a addic , I have close to 200,000 lights in barn now and have to take down this years display and store as well ugh!!
  18. Up and Running , little tweeking, adding a feww more lights need more GLOW
  19. Hey Ya'll, sorry haven't been on much, but the display is about ready as far as the hardware is concerned. New wireframes built and lite roof mounts ready, new controllers wired (need to initialize them yet) sync,Ah Way behind but will get there. 20 days till showtime its gonna happen ( ya'll just keep saying it over and over) Larry
  20. You Have a PM I am Local, may be able to help you
  21. Hey, Michelle, did a reply to your post. so I won't redo here. glad your doing well (at least I hope thats the case) are you going to the BBQ on the forth in Alepheretta? (i know I spelled that wrong) catch ya later Larry

  22. Hi Michelle, good to here from ya, orderewd 3 more controller off the sale and am hoping to get draw for one of the free packages. been working on arches, (16 of them, slow going hand winding.) I have several wireframes from Valerie coming and want to build a angel choir. and now I need to sequence for 112 channels. think I bit off more than I can chew. good to have you back and hope all is well with you Larrytcupp
  23. what's your plan for this years LOR sale?

  24. colonade has the clips in 5000 ct boxes and darrelb has gelcaps for different colors that are great I used to change bulbs and use zip ties NO MORE . I too am expecting several frame from Valerie this summer or fall and will use clips and gels and use 20, 50, and 100 ct strings of white Larrytcupp
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