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    A new one each year with the kids that come to see the display
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    Lake Forest Christmas.com - 128 channel - 20k lights display to 9+ songs including Linus telling meaning of Christmas with a nativity and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer song with yard characters in the movie lit up during the song. 2 Singing stars.
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    15' tree, 7' tree, and 2 3' trees all blinking together. No longer do the 20k lights on the roof and side of yard. Large cross and nativity. I was one of two houses blinking 40k lights each to the same music but neighbor up'd and retied on me and moved to the mountains.

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  1. I've got some boxes of G40 25 Satin Light Sets to sell if anyone is looking for them. They are the Target brand and 1.03 amps a string. Multi Color - 28 boxes Red - 4 boxes Blue - 11 boxes
  2. OK, now i'm getting the spirit here. I don't really have room in my display for the big arches so these might just be the ticket to run along the sidewalk where I string lights to keep people out of the yard display area. The interesting thing about these is at only 5 channels each, you have one channel left over on a board to control a relay switch to change from one color to the next. So for 6 arches I can have 2 extra channels or 3 colors. You can't fad from color to color with a rely but you can do everything with one color showing. Now just to save up for 4 more boards! Hey, that w
  3. We usally start this Sunday but reading how many of you start before that, I might just earlier myself. My roof and house is done, this weekend is all the yard display with the mega tree and new medium mega tree.
  4. I started with the roof after my class this morning. The goal is to have the roof and house done by tomorrow night so I can turn the show on if need be for that part. The goal for next weekend is the yard and mega tree to complete the display. I picked up 2 rolls of snow for the yard on Tuesday and finished a new 8' medium mega tree to blink with the mega tree last weekend but still need to make the 4 power cables. I try to avoid extension cords. I've been working a lot of hours for the last couple of months so I didn't get done the mini mega tree to blink with the big and medium trees,
  5. OK this sounds good BUT I not keeping up with your math and those pesky things called controller boards that have to be figured in here as they're about $14 a channel. 1 controller board $220 w/16 channels, 2 boards @ $440 w/32 channels, etc., etc., So that's $440 for 5 arches made this way. Larger arches are 8 channels per arch so you get 4 big arches for $440. From all the videos it looks like you need 6 to 8 arches to make it look good. I want to do smaller leaping arches but I still trying to figure out how to make them at an affordable cost. Lights + pvc + rebar + "cha
  6. B_Regal, Do you have a web site or a link to a video of your display? 440,000 lights - got to see it. Maybe more interested were do store them all? LOL. Jim

  7. At least Walmart is consistent on their light sales - New Year's day and they're open early so you have time to hit about 12 of them and the Targets before dinner. Costco is another subject as they put there stuff on sale with out warning and usually in a side isle.
  8. Thanks for the lights John. I got them yesterday and they all work fine. Also thanks for packing them out of their boxes to take up a lot less room for shipping. - Another Happy Customer
  9. For those of use who make our own cables using 18/9 sprinkler wire, we just use white or green electrical tape/thin Sharpie marker to identify the cable then always use the same color wire for each plug position (black 1, brown 2, red 3, . . .). Of course we connect right to the LOR controller for a simpler connection. Now we connect right to the relay for some elements.
  10. Yes me too. I checked a couple of your videos out on your site but did not see anything?
  11. For some ideas - See Geoff Harvey's post on how he did medium mega trees on his roof at post http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=29535. Another one from last year talked about Glenn Barber's huge and heavy lighted cross on the top of his house with this custom base he made that stood up to strong winds with out guy wires. See the picture at http://lakeforestchristmas.com/Roof%20monut%202.JPG
  12. Toughest part about Costco lights is to know when they go on sale - and they're great sales. It's never the same time plus they put them on a pallet in some side aisle. If it wasn't for my neighbor's heads up I would have missed it - thanks again Bob.
  13. Great work Scott! I know the time it takes to make this as I started a South Orange County, CA Christmas Display map a couple months ago to have on my Christmas Display website and I've still not got it done. All those houses and I can't find the maps I used last year and the ones I did find it's hard to remember which one was which as I don't want to spend everyone's gas money to see a house with just a couple of light strings. We have great displays here but few animated light displays. My neigbor and I are the only one's in Orange County that blink together. Question: How did y
  14. Thanks Valerie, I just ordered one even though 90% of my lights connect right to the terminal block on the LORs since I use 9 wire cables w/plugs I made. I can still check the LORs and other items in my house to help keep the electric bill down during December. I liked how the review on Newegg said that the person checked their DVR and found it uses 20 W when in stand-by.
  15. My girls got one or had one to take with them at 12 when they went somewhere so they had a phone if there was a problem or ready to come home. We did not give them one so they could just have one or as personal phone to call and text all day and we limit them. As daughters, I do tell them if they go somewhere and things get out of hand or they are uncomfortable with how there friends are behaving, just call me using the cell phone and we'll come pick them up - no questions asked. They also use them when they want to leave early from a party or a get together with friends and save face.
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