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  1. Yup your right Linda, amazon.ca doesn't offer any of these deals or freebees either. Cheers Daryl B.
  2. Yayyy Paul, your warming up to the great white north!! I'm in again for the presale. Cheers Daryl B.
  3. Paul, Is the wire size on the icicle lights tha same as the 50 count C6 strings or is it a larger diameter?
  4. Yes, I do have an FM 30B that is still for sale and I'm open to offers on it. Daryl B.
  5. It looks like we will be in the general vicinity visiting friends in Tacoma. We would only be able to drop in for a couple of hours though, is that OK. Cheers Daryl B.
  6. Paul, Do you have any idea when the C9 retorfits will ship? Cheers Daryl B.
  7. Scott has mail!!! Cheers Daryl B.
  8. Check action lighting, I just got a 1000' spool of C9 white for $90.40 and with shipping to Canada it was cheaper than the spool on the current preorder at another well known vendor. Cheers Daryl B.
  9. Look for NWSANTA he is in Langford, has a great display and is a good guy. What are you using for hardware or have you made it that far? I'm a LOR user for a few years now, if I can help just shoot me a PM. Daryl B.
  10. Make mine decafe, it's getting late.
  11. All of my white and blue icicles are C6, although not from Paul at CDI. I think they look great and I've attached a picture of the blue on. Merry Christmas Daryl B.
  12. Most definitely they are handmade, the edge has a bit of melting on it. These can be quite useful if you are using LED's in your display. run a string in the hardware utility and test with and without the load, you'll probably see a difference in the length of fade on the cheaper led strings. As I said over on the LOR forum, do a search on snubber, B Regal I think had a great explanation and build posting a while ago.
  13. Someone has created a snubber with that plug. This is used for LED strings to get them to fade and ramp smoothly. It raises the resistance of the circuit so the triac's in your controller will function smoother with a low amp draw such as LED's. Daryl B. PS; Can't explain how they ended up in your order, possibly a return from another customer.
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