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    The Christmas after I was born my mom and dad went to visit my grandparents. We arrived early and my parents put me under the Christmas tree. (I know I don't remember it but I love it)
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  1. Jack thank you for such kind words. Checks go out on every sixth thursday. And don't worry about that postdate. 150 years is a short time in the grand scheme.
  2. My wife, daughter, father-in-law and I were out this Christmas looking at all the pretty lights. There is the one display we always go to that is cheesy and has about a million (maybe for real) static lights. My wife hates these for anything but the gawk factor and is real popular with the kiddies. This year I was looking online for other displays in our area. A facebook page came up with a local address with no pictures and about 3 'likes'. I thought we'd check it out. We drove down this one way street and saw some pretty lights on peoples homes. As we reached the end of the street we f
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