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  1. I just love the Thanksgiving molds
  2. OMG why did you redo these!!! The originals did not look that bad I think I'm gonna cry:(
  3. do you know if they can order the tender car only?
  4. never mind mystery solved.....http://www.discountcatholicproducts.com/Angel-Heart-Vinyl-Statue-P6389C211.aspx
  5. Says its moldcraft but i am not so sure anyone that can shed some info on this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/111161113797
  6. I would say that the head on the center one is not a moldcraft head LOL
  7. Don't we have a classifieds section for selling items? why clog up the boards with commercial interests?
  8. cough choke... uhhh your kidding right? LMFAO
  9. yea I was thinking that too, cmon mel help us out!!!
  10. I recently purchased this old ornament blowmold at an auction and I am trying to determine the manufacturer the only marking this has is on the back that says 120V, I am thinking either beco or poloron, any confirmations? No this is not for sale, any help would be greatly appreciated. Frank
  11. fainpa

    Goodwill Find!

    Def a good deal! Ive sold them on ebay in the past for 35.00
  12. WOW!!! good for you elaine:) Hope ya get the halloween ones too!
  13. If you cancel an item that has bids on it ebay will charge you a final value fee.
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