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  1. Joseph_2007

    Led Ribbon

    I was wondering if anyone has tries the Led Ribbon that is advertized on LORs website? Looking for some feedback, This may be the direction I may go for the roofline and arches in the near future.. Any feedback would be great.. Thanks Merry Christmas to all...
  2. Hello Ed, I am still working on Nutrocker here and even though its not the greastest I think I will add it to my show.. just wondering if you think you could do Let it be Christmas from Alan Jackson. I know you have been busy and I fully understand if you cant.. Its a slower song but want to add it for my wife.. Thanks Joe PS Still reviewing those files you sent me Thanks.. When you sequence, do you do one element at a time for the whole song the go back to do something else?

  3. Hello Paul, I love your lights 3rd year using the ones I bought and only lost on string. I will be placing an order for a case or red, green and 2 whites... Thanks
  4. Hello Ed, Just wondering if you still log in here? If so can you reply to me here or my email is: [email protected]

  5. Well after I was thinking about this I figured it wouldn't work due to things not being plugged in the right plugs... I guess we can disregard this post lol..
  6. I will be having 4 arches and I have 8 mini trees is this years display. Last year I just grouped 2 mini's as a pair and sequeced them like that. This year some songs I rather use each tree seperate from the other. To do this, I would have to group a set of arches. I would like that in the songs that I wanted to control all 8 mini's seperate and group 2 sets or arches, that would be one lcc file and then the songs that I want to use more uses of the arches I could control the 4 arches seperate and group up the mini's again. So I guess what I am asking is if I had 2 different lcc files
  7. Hello would any one have a sequence that I may see for Believe in Holiday Magic? Thanks Joe
  8. I need some input from the more experienced ones here then I I went and bought 3 more controllers this year. I wanted to add 4 leaping arches to the front of the yard. 1 color. I think that I was going to go with a 10ft long 3/4 pvc that would cover a 6 ft span. Not sure how many channels would comfortably cover this and still have a decent effect. I wanted to be able to cover each segmant in each of the arches if possible. I also wanted to have a 10 ft Maga tree this year as well. I have lights to make the tree in white/red/green is possible. My problem is that I have 48 c
  9. Have any links to where I can check them out Jason? Thanks
  10. I have going to put up a Mega Tree for the first time this yr but not sure if I will get time to put a pole in the ground. Anyone have any ideas for a standalone Mega tree with no fixed center pole?
  11. Hello, Where could these "falling" lights be found? Thanks Joe
  12. Hello Everyone... I am so excited. I am running my first show this year with 32 channels. Started out lil small but was wondering what people thought of it here. If anyone has any comments of stuff to add or things they don't like ect, please feel free to post or pm me.. Hope everyone enjoys Joe Also a big thank you for people that have helped me along the way..
  13. Hello everyone and I hope that all is going well with all of you... I have set up my first display this year. I have noticed that almost everyone rides by.. I don't think people are getting the idea that the show is sequenced to music. Has this happened to anyone and does anyone have ideas to get their attention. Or is it that it will take time and by word of mouth? Thanks Joe
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