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  1. I actually keep mine together and hang it from the rafters in the garage its out of the way for us, but when i took it apart once i put the "coupler" against my waist and pushed the other side of the circle against a wall so i made it an oval and it took the pressure off it enough to pull it apart. -Will
  2. These are very awsome, i know you ould be able to put me down for quite a few depending on the price. Nice job -Will
  3. Would something like this work for you? http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-store/item/MK-44/10-CHANNEL-LIGHT-EFFECT-GENERATOR/-/1.html -Will
  4. For the number of led's in them i havn't found a better price than kevin sells them for, ive looked around and have always ended up placing my order with kevin. -Will
  5. HAHA ya one other guy sent me a pm and i was like what? i re read my post and typo haha, ment $1,200 not $12,000. WOOPS:D:giggle: -Will
  6. I also did the Try For Free, but it seems my order was one of the more expensive here on the thread i was over 12k. -Will
  7. When i made my 4 arches i started at the end with the drill.
  8. Good point, that is what i forgot to mention, one thing to do is to take all the grounds and put a terminal connector around them and then hook them to the heat sink so that the outlets are grounded and then the lor board is also grounded.
  9. Well what you could do with the grounds it just hook them all to the input cable you are using to power the board. -Will
  10. Will Richards


    Even tho iam only 16, that was amazing, i have been one of those people on the side f the road before when a 19 year old guy from my town was lost in iraq about a year or two ago and his dad was a firefighter for la city so his dad also arranged a missing man fly over with 3 of the la city fire helicopters, it was very nice. I got chills while i was watching it one time was when they showed the bill board and the big sign that the people were holding up, iam also training to become a firefighter, and i "like" video's like this honoring the fallen hero's, R.I.P. 343 Rest in Peace SSGT Joh
  11. Ya, i love using gas it is allot easier and nicer welds (before you clean them) normally when i weld i dont even where long sleve shirts (i should because of the uv...but) and i dont get hit with any slag so i like gas allot more. -Will
  12. Oh that would be cool to have one near southern california. P.S. This is will who was showing you the push teqnique in the welding class (iam 16) -Will
  13. So i have one more question about the length, when you have two boards that meet up on the ends what do you do to hold the two boards together? -Will
  14. I think he is refering to these http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=24333&highlight=wrap+trees -Will
  15. WEll said, i would agree to try and read or search for a thread before you ask the question because sometimes the answer is right there. Welcome to pc by the way, -Will
  16. WOW these look great, i have one question what did you do when the boards "ran out" like what did you do betwedn boards or did you make the boards like 25' long? Thanks, Will
  17. Ya i first saw it on one of my friends facebook status and i was like wtf so i went to yahoo and sure enough the first thing on there page was his death, its to bad. R.I.P. Billy Mays
  18. Ok i have one question about tracks, There isn't like a "main" track right? i mean like if i was to have 2 tracks and i had the same channel in both tracks and i made the channel fade in track 2 it wount show up it track 1 rihgt? Also i think i remember reading that if you have 2 different commands being sent to one channel it will take wich ever one was sent last, right? Thanks, -Will
  19. Ya, it was great to meet everyone, i loved how on saturday we were all hot in the sierra and then on sunday it was just freezing whare ever we went. All in all it was really fun. -Will
  20. Iam not sure if you already have but i would take a look at the bottom of the board to make sure you dont have any solder bridges, but also if you find a bridge another componut could be damaged from the first mistake, So i would check for a bridge and call dan. -Will
  21. Way to many 22 for white on one tree and then 6 for 3 colors on that tree and then 16 on my other tree that has 2 colors so 44 channels just for mega trees. -Will
  22. I used drywall stilts to put up some lights this past christmas and to hook up all the wireing in our haunted house last halloween, and i was fine with them because i was using them on a wood deck or hard durn so it was hard to get "stuck" like in gass. For some stuff there a great help but for other stuff they are just not worth the risk. And i like your padding by the way. -Will
  23. Happy Birthday Richard

  24. Ya, didn't want to sound like, mean or anything, basically great minds think a like.;) -Will
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