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    one of the orignal Planet Christmas members
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    Jeff A. Galbreath
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    looking at the christmas lights in town that may the reason why i put alot up lol
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    4900 feet underground Galena Mine
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    iam a 3rd Degree Master Mason also part of the Order of the Eastern Star
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    christmas lights, music, biking, Rocks and Minerals
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    Underground Core, Percussive Driller and a 3rd Mastermason
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    at one time I had 100,000 lights and many trees in lights i well be putting up my very last mega display in the 2018 year its going to be a sad one but its time to retire this hobby maybe i might sneak one in or two in the future.

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  1. or you can say the square and compass lol, ya auto correct is not the best firend on my phone too, thank you ted
  2. just wonerding how long cat 5 cord last I have some inside and seems to be breaking apart any ideas or better way to protect them? thank you Bull
  3. wow verynice!!! I would love to find a 20 footer one day but don't tink the airport would like me lol Kingston Ga wow I live in Kingston Idaho I bet you guys have a bigger town we have mybe 100 plus
  4. wonderful display !! love the arches
  5. welcome wagon what kind of display you like? blowmolds, LOR, Wooden cutouts, lights!!! and any other?
  6. 1 million 500,000 200 50 lights lol
  7. wonderfull display job well done!!!
  8. nice! I at one time broke 100,000 at my hosue but the only reason I know that that's about all I can put up or I get a free trip to the moon
  9. nice!! how may lights? oh u have a light out btw LOL sure looks amazing don't wanna get on my plupit but thank you up above …..
  10. wow Joe looks great very large to say the least wow never seen some that big you make um or found um somewhere?, how you guys doing?
  11. lol ya does help but a guy cant have to many lights only if the wife says so or not lol
  12. wonderfull display, but need more lights lol ? miss doing a display but maybe next year I do one
  13. @RAB you have pics of your deer I have about that much lol I wonder if its a sickness or I m telling my family I need to go hunting lol
  14. the bull is back for now glad to visit PC again wish I have more time to but you know how life goes hope everyone is enjoying the lights and the great pleasure of Christmas.

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