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  1. I been on planet Christmas since the beginning and one of the original members I would love to keep planet Christmas on here I hope you just keep improving it with help with membrrs
  2. Hey y'all been a while sence the bull been on PC lol I hope everyone had a great Christmas looking forward to seeing everyone's lights.
  3. wonderful display !! love the arches
  4. @RAB you have pics of your deer I have about that much lol I wonder if its a sickness or I m telling my family I need to go hunting lol
  5. the bull is back for now glad to visit PC again wish I have more time to but you know how life goes hope everyone is enjoying the lights and the great pleasure of Christmas.

  6. houdy all, just letting everyone know that i'm doing a small display this year just had hip surgery that sucks but I'm about healed just don't want it to get worse

    thank you all

    1. TED


      Bull!!!!!  Hey buddy!  I didn't know about the surgery.  It sounds like you better keep the display "low" this year so you can stay off the ladder.  My best wishes to you for a speedy and full recovery!


    2. The Bull

      The Bull

      thank you buddy, its been rough but I'm making it ya small a few deer and this and that I gave my LORs to my brother he is a computer geek so he kinda understands it better than I can

  7. happy to show up here whats been going on?

  8. The Bull


    Iam wishing a everyone a very Merry Christmas to Planet Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. anywere loews to home depot
  10. nice I have 2 of them myself just cant kep them up
  11. Welcome wagon!! from the bull happy to see you on here your life well never be the same lol jk
  12. does that mean its LOR or that dude?? sells them
  13. hello crazy PC world LOL

  14. seems to be kinda dark at times when u dont have nothing up lol and turned on
  15. i take mine down right after the day of christmas lol but its a great feeling tho
  16. The Bull


    welcome to PC hope u have a great time
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