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  1. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. We are going through alot of things right now and need your support. Devil is really working on me hard.

  2. ill try to get pic soon just be patient because they are in storage at a warehouse we have a very large display that takes quite a bit of storage especially when your dealing with over 6 miles of spt2 wire and 392 channels of lor and thousands of props and lights
  3. My dad works in a warehouse that deals in glass bottles now in this warehouse they have pallet seperaters made or 3/16 thick plastic sheets that he can get by the thousands for free they are solid unlike coro now try your local warehouse that deals in pallets type of storage and ill guarentee they may have them good louck i use them alot and they work great for making really big signs one for each letter
  4. you do realize you can make your own by using the older chasing sets of lights you know the computerized multi function lights im sure there is a post on here for that can anyone help them on this ive made a ton of these before they cant handle many lights but they do well to make things appear to jump or snowflakes fall good luck
  5. Would any of you please place some pics on here about your table setup and what you made it out of so i and everyone else can get apicture of it for building issues i think this would help all new people and people adding on to there existing tables thanks hope to here from you all
  6. I have a 8ft x 8ft table we built last year to put up our village but it also 3 ft off ground. Now its just mix match sets but someone donated 4,300 dollars worth of dept 56 to us dated from 1974 until today the reason donated was due to a non profit organization we are a part of and we decorate the entire town with this being at the local town hall foyer but i need help with some ideas on building on possibly upwards to not create more space issues do you have any ideas the base for all the layout is 3/4 styrofoam that has been layed onto the plywood table and ive carved some as well i
  7. man i have a ton of these things with and without lights that we dont even use as far as i know they all work and i think we only used them for one season ill take 75.00 plus shipping for them not real sure about the shipping deal and what ill have to do for this just let me know
  8. Well I got mine in and its is a total of 100 male plugs with caps this is such a great deal
  9. Well i did jump on that at the home depot cant wait to have enough this time of the year it gets really stressful especially when you come up short on a product thanks for all the great help you guys are awesome im sure home depot is getting alot of buisness so just for giggles who all ordered these like me
  10. Looking for some vampire plugs for a reasonable price maybe less if used i use spt1 wire i need around 100 male adapters and also that many in female i will pay via paypal thanks
  11. Yes it is Traffic is bad around the far end of town Think Ill just go to Fieldale and work a bit
  12. Not sure if any of you have heard of us but we are a non profit organization that decorates a small town community center. I started this back 4 years ago and im steadily growing by leaps and bounds. Please take a look at our web site at www.freewebs.com/fieldalefestivaloflights Please tell me what you think. I would love to see some of you guys come up this year to see what myself and my family have done. My family got so big so that we had to move the display to a bigger spot and we also made it into a fund raiser Seems to have gotten alot of attention from the public and many peopl
  13. is it really nessasary to drill those holes for the strobes if they are standing straight up i just dont want to damage these strobes in anyway possible if so then will someone tellme how they did and got the best results
  14. have no clue just remeber seeing it somewhere and just never wrote it down man they were super cheap to i think it was like 7 18" stars for something like 40.00
  15. Im looking for a specific website that was owned by a individual that specialized in just stars im looking for that website now to purchase these stars does anyone know who im talking about im looking to get about 50 stars to place in my display to random blink but eight of them on the lor please i need some help
  16. ok say you had 9 horizontal slices and 3 vertical slices that would only be 27 channels per color now say you did three colors that would only be 81 channels that would be a start and something to build on next year now if we only had someone here smart enough to show us how to build one or know of some instruction of course you would have to build it without the need for choir people im sure it is feasible
  17. yes but there has to be a person on here who would know how to create a pattern or sequence to make there tree resemble theres you talk about the talk on pc now then you would be if you did that with lor
  18. Has anyone thought or done this yet? Talk about the ultimate Z Tree. check out the youtube video there must be a way to construct this and duplicate with lor now it will be a channel hog but it would be nifty the software is at www.midilite.com i hope to here from some of you on your ideas i think it will be the new mega tree for us light crazy peeps
  19. im looking to buy a used lor mini director because i cant afford a new one my cpu keeps crashing and i also have security cams running off of the cpu spent lots of money on controllers light cams and stuff and now my cpu will not handle plus it would make it much easier to run show so if you have one please please sell me one patrick

  21. I have a large network of D-Light boards and i have two Ell's from light o rama now i know d light came out with the wireless modules but i have already purchased the ell at a good price thinking it would work with the d-light 16 channell boards lor say if i can find a seperate power source and splice into the rj45 it would work but i dont know which wires to hook up the meer 5 volts to if anyone knows or knows of someone who did this i need to know soon thanks looking forward to some answers email is [email protected]
  22. well ill try anything ive put together something close to two minutes worth but its not complete if someone wants to help out and use what i have so far ill email it to you but i would like to use what youve done if you consider using what ive created its only fair im hoping someone will help me finish it and send it back with there help if it will help you thanks my email is [email protected] email me what you have out there and we will put our heads together
  23. man i just added you as a friend cause you sound like you have the same intrest as me and added you because sounds like you have one major display going on with that many channel and lights im hoping youll send me a pic or two and maybe we can share sequences. i have 192 this year ,who knows how many ill have in years to come we(FIELDALE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS) hope to be as big as shadrack on day

  24. well im up to a whopping 1:47 and i have 192 channels and 36 channels is leaping arches so just stay current and i may be able to finish the sequence all together looks good as far as i can tell if you intrested in the sequence just email me at [email protected] and we will keep in touch or maybe just share the sequence back and forth and we will all work on it if this sounds great then just slip me a line
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