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    Kennesaw, Georgia, USA
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    father of 3...fifth full year of LOR lighting (have won kid's choice in the neighborhood 5 year's in a row! LOL).
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    Holiday lighting, playing w/my children, holiday lighting, the game of Go, holiday lighting... oh, and holiday lighting! ;-)
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    admin director
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    88.3 FM... 240 channels... 30,000 or so lights. All LED save for the spot lights and mini-poles. 12' mega in wht/red/grn. Rest is wht/red/grn. Snow Miser/Heat Miser, Santa, Grinch, Frosty, FULL 11-piece lighted jazz band. 14 songs in 2010, including B. Setzer's Grinch and Hey Santa, and Big Bad VooDoo Daddy's Heat Miser.
  1. I've been given the year 1989... My age was: 24 Favorite Movie was: "Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade" Favorite Band (artist) was: Phil Collins ("Another Day in Paradise") Favorite Fad was: Tetris Disliked: Polly Pockets Like my status and I'll send you a year

  2. Clearly I am waaaaaaaaaaay behind in responding... LoL. Been buried in programming (all NEW songs) and builds. Did a LOR DIY board for the first time... WoW (fun). My wife finally "joined in" this year... many helpful design suggestions... the yard looks MUCH better now (not so cluttered). Since our tradition is to invite our friends for an "opening show" on the 1st Sunday in Dec, we're on the brink of starting it up. Have most everything set up... just need to do all the cord-work (256 channels is just SOOOOOO fun!)... Funny that cars are coming by now seeing the stuff up and ask why
  3. Since I'm in my "nth" year now (lol) here are a couple of thoughts: 1. ABSOLUTELY read the posts/forums... if you are going LOR, join the LOR forums as well. Dan from LightORama is the BOMB!! (I just fried a triac and he's sending me a couple to re-solder in, no charge... THAT is a company a boy (or girl) can stay with for LIFE!) 2. Assume, if you want to do a song "right" (consider, however, that I'm a self-confessed OCD/AR type so MY "right" and other people's "right" may be different) you'll need to figure 8-10 hours per MINUTE of song... of course, I have an 11-piece jazz band th
  4. LOL - I must be retro... use the basic Belkin Tunecast 1 (4 frequencies)... cracked the case and soldered in a 1/2-wave antenna made of speaker wire... red-duct-taped plastic over it on my 12' pvc antenna post and I'm good to about 1000' ... About $6 total for transmitter (on EBay) and speaker wire... plus my time I suppose. NO NEED to transmit any further and absolutely NO ability to SPEND more than that with the "budget police" watching the annual show expenses (ROTFL)!
  5. It was so cool! I grew up in Columbus, OH so I definitely remember white Christmases... but to see BURIED LEDs blinking and have cars of parents/kids oohing and ahhing over how it looked MADE our Christmas! THAT is all the fuel I need to get me through to NEXT year (LOL). Actually, had a minivan with at LEAST 10 kids (parents driving of course... ROTFL) show up the other night and they SANG along at the top of their lungs to every song they knew for the ENTIRE show. THAT made my season!! Of course the nearly $600 for charity doesn't help either! THERE ARE good people left on this pla
  6. [ATTACH=CONFIG]41409[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]41410[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]41411[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]41412[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]41413[/ATTACH] Oh yessssssss..... Snow in Georgia (Atlanta after 100+ years!)!!!
  7. LOL - wish I could take credit. Bought them LAST year from Darryll Brown at ChristmasLightShow.com on sale. Collapsable, 5-point stars that I "converted" to LED... screwed 3/4" pvc to the back (with caps) to drop onto variable-length 1/2" pvc hammered into the yard... Bad choice however... going to "hang" the 30 stars from our left-side-yard tree with s-hooks next year as the yard is WAY too busy this year (can't see the Snow- and Heat-Miser very well!)...
  8. Wow - amazing! Even tho we hear many, many negative stories about any number of things, here in our PlanetChristmas community, we STILL manage to encourage the GOOD in humanity through our efforts! I absolutely agree with following the donor's request - donate the one to charity and use the other specifically to add an element (with signage - LOVE that idea!) or elements to the show! Yes, we are hobbyists... yes, we ALL still do this because we feel we can afford to continue ON OUR OWN... however yes, the donor's wishes DO matter. Do NOT feel bad for one iota following what they've asked
  9. For the FIRST time in more than 100 years (!!!), we had a "white Christmas" here in Atlanta! I know y'all up there in the "northernlands" are chuckling, however this was AMAZING. We have three kids (11, 8, and 5 - can you say "stayed out playing the snow WAY too long!!??) and along with our 17 other family members that were here last night, we were GIFTED! Despite the weather, we actually HAD show traffic. Everyone who came was ALSO in the "amazed by the snow" aura and thougth the show looked even BETTER! LOL - here's to NOT seeing THAT again in quite awhile! I hope EVERY ONE of you
  10. Don't know what you have for an antenna however lengthening to 1/4 or 1/2-wave might work. Just open it and look for the antenna... generally, you can splice in standard speaker cord (something like SPT1) cut to the right length and you should be ok. For length correctness, you need to know what frequency you're going to transmit on... then calculate the appropriate length. A good URL would be: http://www.crompton.com/wa3dsp/hamradio/antcalc.html Currently, I'm using a $4 Belkin basic FM transmitter made to use with an MP3 player... opened the case and spliced in wire at the antenna
  11. Last year I found a local distributor here in Marietta who would only sell to businesses... but wanted $11/sheet (4'x8'). I asked my realtor to call and order 20 sheets (I had a TON of work to do!) and she used her TIN (Tax ID Number that businesses all have) and then I paid her in return. My argument with her was that 1) "WE" are doing this for the children and the community (WHO doesn't like/enjoy Christmas lights?!) and 2) I bought a fairly expensive house with her help and her % of the deal was most likely MORE than worth the trouble of calling the guy to order the sheets. FYI - realt
  12. PC Guy... I suspect I'm one of the 5-milers from Tamale... in Kennesaw (www.meckleyfamilyxmas.com) .... you can get directions from there. We are FINALLY up... grand-opening tomorrow (Sunday) at 630... show will run every night through New Year's Day. LUCKILY (knocking on wood BIG time), my SD card held last year's show... otherwise our laptop crash woulda meant troubles in holiday-lights city... LOL Got everything finally up today and tested all controllers and circuits. For 240 channels, only having 5 or so strings out is NOT bad (imho). We got those strings replaced and everything
  13. Hi to all - if you're anywhere near the Kennesaw area around Monday 12/6 or beyond, feel more than welcome to stop by (Arden Lake subdivision)... www.meckleyfamilyxmas.com ... site not updated yet but directions there. Going to be a LATE start this year due to very stressful work year and not much done until about a week ago... much rebuilding and resetting of display due to excessive wind damage last year. NEW jazz band coming which will be the central feature... HUGE surprise coming for the kids (come visit and you'll see why I say that - LOL). Been VERY quiet this past year - sorry...
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