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    Livonia, Michigan, USA
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    Senior at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, MI USA. Pursuing a degree in Financial Management right now.
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    Website design, Money management, Reading, Bible study, running, and of course, Christmas lights!
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    College Student
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    64 channels of LOR control, 25,000+ lights for 2009. Includes a mega tree, arches, strobes, extensive use of rope light, leaping arches, a Happy Birthday Jesus sign, and more. The whole family gets involved in the setup of our display. Our display's mission is to help people to understand the meaning behind the birth of Christ, celebrated around the world at Christmas.
  1. Where is your house located? I am interested in seeing your display, as well as possibly purchasing some of your lights. -Timothy
  2. I would like to thank many of you from PlanetChristmas that have given me so many good ideas for Christmas decorating. I just found out that my family's Christmas display won the Detroit Free Press decorating contest. This would not have happened without you. Thank you so much!
  3. Here are a couple of pointers: -Create a website for your display. I tell just about everyone that I know about our display & tell them to go to www.livonialights.com -Create a Facebook page & link it to your Christmas display website. If you are on Facebook, invite all your friends to join the Facebook page. This can really help you to build an "online community" around your local display. -Encourage your friends to post it on their Facebook "wall"...that's a great way to get the word out -Make sure that your website can be discovered in the search engines. When people search for Christmas lights in your area, make sure that your display is the first one that shows up. -Tell the media - if a major newspaper has a Christmas light display "directory" or "contact" page, tell them about your display. -Encourage your friends to get involved in the setup of the display. This year, we encouraged our friends from church to help setup, and they started spreading the word about the display a lot, since they had a sense of "ownership" of it -Submit your display to major Christmas lighting display directories - e.g. ChristmasLightFinder.com, TackyLightTour.com, Christmas.bronners.com, and Christmasdisplays.net. -Submit your display videos to Youtube - and put the location of your display in the description of the video. I hope these ideas help you out. We get a significant amount of traffic coming to our display because of a lot of these methods that I use in promoting the display. In one word, what it has boiled down to: marketing.
  4. Thanks! I'll see if this helps solve the problem.
  5. I think there are around 10 100 ct. strings connected to the LOR channel.
  6. I am having trouble getting the Creative Displays 100 ct. blue full wave mini light sets to fade with LOR. I have these all hooked up to one channel - and I'm almost certain that these are the only lights hooked up to that channel. These were the exact same LEDs that were purchased in the pre-order sale after last Christmas. I'm really perplexed as to why these are not fading ... because I have tested the Creative Displays blue mini LED lights with LOR before, and they have faded just fine. Any ideas as to what might be going wrong here?
  7. 1) What kind of screws should be used to attach coroplast to metal reinforcement supports? 2) What kind of spacing works best? NOTE: This is a large outdoor cross that we're building (8' high).
  8. Excellent work, David. You really get to the heart of what constitutes a quality Christmas display through the eyes of your visitors. Thanks for sharing.
  9. If you are interested in a song that reminds children of the true meaning of Christmas, consider checking out "Happy Birthday Jesus" by Mike Douglas. It has become a favorite for children visiting our display. I have heard of several visitors telling my family that their children keep begging their parents to come see the light display just so that they can hear the song. Here's a video of it from our 2008 display: http://www.livonialights.com/happy-birthday-jesus-2008
  10. Very nice job, Steve! I think this is a great resource for people who are new to the PlanetChristmas Community.
  11. A note to the moderators: please delete this thread. An individual from PC committed to sending me the lights tha I was looking for.
  12. A note to the moderators: Please delete this thread. An individual from PlanetChristmas committed to sending me the lights that I was looking for.
  13. I have resorted to starting up our display on December 1, and shutting down on either New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.
  14. I am currently looking for 25 sets of Red 100 ct. minis as well as 25 of green for next year's display. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have some that you would like to sell or could pick up some at any of the local retail stores in your area. Price is negotiable. Thanks!
  15. How many times per second do the LED strobes normally flash? Can they fit in a normal C-9 strand?
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