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    Homewood, Alabama, USA
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    Turned 50 this year... great wife (Rebecca)...our kids are an aging Westie (MacDougel) & a tuxedo cat (Miss Priss)...
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    Up until last 2007 our display was 4 spot lights outlinning wreaths with bows on the windows.
    2007 we found Planet Christmas, Animated Lighting..
    what a blast. 2008 adding more lights and channels.

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  1. I don't know about you but I hate the take down! I'm out this afternoon taking things down, not in a good mood when Summer came over! Summer is our 6 year old neighbor and new sponsor. She handed me a zip lock bag with $10.22 in coins! She says we need more lights! Summer be careful what you ask for!
  2. Hey Larry! Tell me when you are available....we are very flexible!

  3. Will be happy to come by and see what can happen!

  4. Ok Mr. Larry! Here we go....lol...I need your brain about adding power to our house. I believe our house is 200 amp load (?) I don't know if I have room to add or anything....HELP! ; )

  5. Bummer Chris...hope your landscaping doesn't take too much of a hit. Know this isn't the present you were looking for. Hope it goes smooth and display what you can. Larry
  6. Sounds good, but make sure you take a deep breath! Your show will be a gift to your area. Larry
  7. Hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving! We'll turn the lights on Dec 1. When do you?
  8. We visited their "Fantasy in Lights" display last night...Awesome!
  9. Just in from a race in Fla, Have three weeks to make it happen...Lights come on Dec.,1 Hope everybody has fun with their displays!!
  10. My better half is interested. Thanks Larry
  11. Hey Chris, It can't hurt if you, Gina.... could call the News to get the list out sooner. Doing a late season race has cut into anything big this year. A couple of new songs, more lights, bringing back the archs, and a special guest the week before Christmas Larry
  12. Hey Guys, Finally talked to Mr. Hester today. We talked about the late list that came out last year. He is going to try to have the listing out on Weds. 12/15, but still in the North, South... part of The News. How's everybody plans coming this years shows coming? Larry
  13. Glad that Birmingham is back on pre Christmas part of the tour. (12.11.10) But the New Years Eve show with Tommy Shaw in '08 was awesome...
  14. Gina, Sent a email to Mr Hester, but have not heard back. With the temps being in the 100's, Christmas is the last thing the News is thinking about! But we know better...will start again next week.
  15. I know exactly where that is....Now I have another display to go see! Sweet

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