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    I have always liked the sight of Christmas lights.
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    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA
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    Co-manage a 110 acre display as an electrical contractor.
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    The only hobby I have is Christmas lighting and sequencing lights.
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    The display is 110 acres that started in 1984. We introduced LOR in 2006 with 5 acres of the display.

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  1. Thanks for the help................James.
  2. I am looking for wire frame clips for 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 rod, using m5 mini LED sets. Looking for 20k each size. I'm not having much luck finding anything on line.
  3. Sounds like the way to go. I have totes full of c9's I was going to trash looks like some of them found a new home. Thanks for the help. It would be nice to know why that works and not the snubbers.
  4. Hummm I was thinking the same thing. I will do that in the end but I was hoping for a no maintenance permanent fix. But there is no load so the incandescent bulbs could last forever.
  5. I have a bunch of old animation controllers used for my old incandescent wire frame scenes but now everything has been changed over to full wave LED, of course, the controllers don't work. I have played with snubbers and resistors but I can't make them work right. I really need these to work can someone please help me figure this out or if it can't be fixed what 4 channel controllers will work with LED's?
  6. Thanks for the post I was looking for three of them and could not find them anywhere.
  7. Wow thanks. I do buy stuff from Val now so I'll give her a call.
  8. Has anyone used colored caps on incandescent strands and could they be used on LEDs?
  9. I have found these at Ace Hardware BUT I don't want to pay $4.99 per 20. Does anyone have another source for these clips, I need a few thousand.
  10. OMG I'm looking at using 10k to 15k just this year. I found someone to build them for me, I should have them in 6 to 8 weeks.
  11. I have heard that the 5/16" clips might work. Being this late in the year I would hate to go back and forth to find out it don't work.
  12. Here is a strange one 3/8" clips, no not the ones 1/4"X3/8" for 3/8" rope lighting but the ones for mini lights on 3/8" frames. I know the most I can find is 1/4". Thanks
  13. A small part of the total display, 110 acres 2 million+ lights total. Only 935 channels and growing.
  14. I'm up and running. If anyone needs a tour let me know, I'm out of here until next Monday. Also I was told our 30th is next year 2011 so it looks like I'm not getting the year off. I need to build some wire frames the size of semi's for the 2011 show.
  15. Same here. I'm taking next year off myself but 2012 is our 30th year for Christmas lights and we are looking for ideas now.
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