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  1. we aren't going to make it this year. things are crazy @work. we miss you all.
  2. let me know when you get the details worked out
  3. oh yeah we wouldnt miss it
  4. glad everyone had a good time. looking forward to morrow bay
  5. update: meet n greet is the 29th Dan Mayfields place here in Merced. The address is 2943 Bedford Dr Merced Ca. it will start @11:30am and go until...??? Hambugers, Hot Dog and Chili for lunch and if you can bring a side dish or chips etc. Please RSVP with us via email, Dan's is [email protected] mine is [email protected] we hope to see you all there. P.S. There are several hotels/motels close by if you want to come in on sat night. more info coming... John
  6. we settled on the 29th for a couple of reasons. 1st is it is between Easter and Mothers Day and 2nd when we get into May the heat comes with it. in the central valley our seasons are wet, fog, cold and hot. with the first 3 of our seasons pretty much done that leaves the heat. Jeff, if you are sure you cannot make it Ill pm you my street address but meeting in person is always best. more info coming soon. John
  7. ok, guys its going to be sun 4-29-12 at Dannys place in Merced and everyone is welcome. we'll probably start up around noon, time is still up in the air and it will go until.... ill post more here and on facebook within a few days. John
  8. ok, we are thinking april 21st or 22nd or the 28th or 29th for a meet n greet @Danny's place here in Merced. let us know which weekend works and we'll get the ball rolling. BBQ + Jens chili and a swap meet during and after. if anyone wants to do a presentation or show n tell about anything related to this sickness we have feel free... everyone is welcome.
  9. hey Danny, what about your place? youve got the perfect patio and plenty of space...hint hint
  10. a get together/meet n greet sounds good
  11. let us know when your site is up, we are looking forward to seeing it. btw Hi Barry, long time no see bud...
  12. i can make either date just let me know...
  13. we'll be there. cant wait to see everyone again
  14. where & when? its kinda getting close to setup time though
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