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    greenwood, Indiana, USA
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    We are 40 something I work as a sprinklerfitter sevice tech and am on call 24/7 my wife is self employed as a manicurest.In are spare time we have three grand children that keeps us moving
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    learning a little more about blow mold AND GRAND BABIES!!!
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    sprinkler fitter
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    We had a small display ,lights on the house a few blow molds in the yard nothing to big,until the first grand baby and then it was like we have to cover every inch of yard.LOL
  1. pole barn on pallet racks
  2. might ask kevin if he needs pics for blow mold site
  3. the light will give you an idea of who made it,beco has a disk with a pole going into the bottom of the pc.. general foam has a white button on the back with the light attached
  4. no idea and I didn't think to ask.I found it at a shop close to ft. wayne indiana.My work has me traveling all over the state so when I have time I'll stop at flea markets, or mom and pop shops just to look around,never no what you'll find.
  5. I bought that santa at a fleamarket a few years ago,mine had an eye bolt at the top to hang it,no idea who made it but was told it was a gas station decoration
  6. we use the 3 plug in cords hundreds of them one plugged into the next all over the yard,never had any trouble,buy them after christmas for pennies on the dollar just make sure your plugged into a gfi safety first
  7. I'll try to get you a pick next weekend when we start getting halloween out.The runners can be purchased through gf there the same.
  8. we have that and yes it is the same as the reindeer crossing,the large lolipop and in a different color(orange and black) several for halloween.the north pole had a different shape not as big and more of an oval shape.
  9. we have 14 outdoor sets,we try to rotate a new set each year.
  10. I would guess general foam, one of there bad paint job
  11. try the blow molded site under empire there are good pics of the set
  12. if you have a fedex account check your rates,in some cases they where cheaper to ship with,even when parcel post was around.But you need an account to get the better rate.
  13. try the old post,I believe Mel posted several cat.
  14. there is also Drainage sorry I don't rember the name of the company but, if you check the old post you will find the name of the company remaking some of the grand venture molds
  15. Keep on eye out at garage sales,they pop up from time to time
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