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    Elkhart, Indiana, USA
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    I'm a rather ordinary American worker bee 10 months out of the year (during the off-season).
    But I do have Christmas stuff on display in my office all year. I especially love playing Christmas music in my office in July, as it bugs the boss. Summer is spent hunting yard sales for Christmas stuff, and dutifully preparing for display season. Thank the Lord for an understanding wife.
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    Anything Christmas, ship models, woodworking
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    Quality/Safety Manager, polyurethane foam factory
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    Last year's display was about 3000 lights, 25 blowmolds, a couple of homemade static displays.
    My display spilled over into the neighbor's yard, decorating his 9 pine trees that separate his property from mine. Can't afford light controllers (yet) but dreaming of the day.

    Small by many PC'ers standards, but it's the biggest (and of course, the first) display on my block! This year (2009) I'm adding a homemade countdown clock that's 10 1/2 feet tall.
  1. I've been doing static displays for 20+ years now, and been in PC for almost 5. My displays have gotten simpler as the years go by, both my wife and I have medical issues that are limiting my ladder climbing abilities, etc. I greatly admire all the LOR megatrees, chasing arches, etc. in other people's displays but don't have the $, the energy, or the time to go huge. I have to stick to what I can find in yard sales or build out of plywood. This year's display was about 4000 lights. I make up for lack of animation by setting up first weekend of November: If you can't have the best display
  2. The last time I saw my neighbor Jane. My display spills over into her property as I light up the pine trees in her front yard every year. She was 82 years old and suffering from lung cancer. I brought her some Christmas cookies on Christmas morning, and she said how lovely my display always is and how she appreciates my "adding some color to her yard". Jane had a stroke and passed away in January 2011. I knew she had scuba dived before she retired, but until I read her obit I didn't know she had dived in several countries all over the world, and had a pilot's license. She had a lot of ener
  3. I heard that starting next year, the US government is banning the sale of incandescent lightbulbs. Will this incandescent Christmas strings too? Has anyone heard?
  4. In October 2003, My Grandmother and Mother-in-law both passed away. Both had been battling major illness, so by the time they passed my wife and I were emotionally spent. I wasn't in the mood at all for lights, but I decided to hang one row of lights on the roof line. I ended up putting up the whole display, and afterwards we all felt a little better. My Mother-in-law in particular really liked our annual displays, so we felt she would approve.
  5. Vince M

    New to PC

    And thank you for your service.
  6. The radio show "Rick Jackson's Classic Country", which is syndicated on Country music radio, announced that song as "Much too busy" by Willie Nelson. I always thought of it as "Pretty Paper". Now I'm not sure.
  7. have you tried thrift shops like Salvation Army or Goodwill? Also flea markets.
  8. I agree with you wholeheartedly, thanks to my patient (and understanding) wife also. She puts up with my stopping at every garage sale we pass by, in the pursuit of more lights and decos. Last month, there was a holy family blowmold set at a yard sale I wanted, she said no, I already had that set. She said "If you've gotta get something, get something you don't already have". Later that day, I found 3 blowmolds I DIDN'T already have. Guess who's garage they're sitting in now?
  9. Well, I do feel a little better knowing that my Chex cereal is now being made by General Mills, a cereal company, instead of Ralston Purina, the dog food people.
  10. We traditionally have pancakes & sausage for breakfast, skip lunch and do turkey with the trimmings for supper. Then later on Christmas night we have the pumpkin pie! But we started Weight Watchers this last May, so we're trying to figure out how to do Thanksgiving/Christmas in a "point friendly" way!
  11. One of our local radio stations has already started 24 hour Christmas music! Saturday Oct. 30 they started.
  12. I've tried telling my wife that if we just left the display lit all year, we'd save a lot of time and trouble eliminating setup and tear down, but it's a no-go.
  13. Our display is up till Jan. 1st. In Indiana the weather is unpredictable, so I pull the blowmolds and inflatables out as soon as feasible, the cords and strings wait till they are thawed. Sometimes right away, sometimes not till end of Feb. or so.
  14. At the risk of sounding artistically challenged, where do you get this glass paint, and is it in little craft size bottles, or do you have to buy gallons at a time? Also, to repaint old lights, would you have to dip them in lacquer thinner (or whatever) first?
  15. I'm pretty sure every one of us has had that thought at some point. And most of our spouses have, too. Yet, here we all are.
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