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  1. Out here Wal-Mart Canada is also still carrying lots of the village pieces and last time I was at my Local one they did have a "Wal-Mart" house. Not sure if it is different from other years or not as I have never seen one before this year.
  2. Up here white is $19.97 Canadian and colored is $20.97.
  3. Thanks for the input. I am leaning towards a video clip but am having a hard time Finding a good clip with a large fan. Yes the effect I am looking for Is to be "blown away" so to speak. Thanks CMurray
  4. I know this is not really anything hoilday related but am looking for some help. I was asked if I could come up with a way to have a large fan that could pretend to **** up the actors for a middle school preformace. It would need to probably be projection based. I have all the projection gear but the plays budget is limited so keep in mind it can't be anything super expensive. The play is "willy wonka Jr" Thanks in advance CMurray
  5. I also have six channel arches and will try to get my video up soon, I like really like the look of them with the show going. I don't think that you need an odd numer 6 works fine for me. CMurray
  6. Thanks for the Replys, I figured I had nothing to lose and just played around with the board, and you were all correct the two black wires are the reset and the yellow and red are to count with. I don't know what the other red wire is for but, this will work in my "Days To Christmas" Sign with just the four wires. Thanks again for everyones help. CMurray
  7. Hi, I need help for a project I am working on, I purchased a small two digit display from a surplus store. It has the display board the part with the "88" the it is connected to a small ciruit board. The board has five wires coming from it. Two black on one side and then two red and a yellow coming from the other. I am wondering how to connect the wires to make this display work or if I need some sort of controller. Sorry about the discription. Thanks, CMurray
  8. cmurray

    led question

    This is what I just finished doing on my roofline for this year, I am very happy with the final result. It did take more time then just one set but, this also gives more freedom for animation as well. CMurray
  9. This is where I got mine, might not be the cheapest but good company. http://www.thisandthat4you.com Calum
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, I took a look at that site and it gives really great information. Next year will be much better, as I have learned alot about animated lighting this christmas. Thanks again, Calum
  11. I have also gotten mini lights and LED cheap here in Canada. Before the Christmas the prices are crazy 7-8 bucks a box, but after christmas Super Store/Extra Foods clears them out cheap. Last year Wal-Mart did not reduce their prices much at all. I think in JanuaryI paid $1.49 for 200ct indoor minis and 77 cents for 70ct LEDS. CMurray
  12. bridegirl wrote: http://www.canadiantire.ca/browse/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524443301285&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=1408474396673271&bmUID=1196619546408&deptid=1408474396673197&ctgrid=1408474396673242&subctgrid=1408474396673271 Canadian Tire here in Canada carries them in a four pack for $19.99 not sure if they will ship to the U.S. CMurray
  13. Please tell me what you think. Thanks CMurray
  14. Ihave also been looking for one to make a trash can truma. I have not seen any at stores as everything is plastic. I ended up finding one at recycling depot that someone just dumped and one being throw out from a school. My advice look around in places you would not expect because the more rust and dents the better in my opition.
  15. I was adding up my amp draw on my controllers and each channel. I am using lots of c9s because that what i had. I have some channels that use over 8 amps so I split them up over two channels but that pretty much uses up half my board. I was thing that I could take another power source for the lights and wire that to a relay then to the lights then use a 12 volt off a channel to turn the c9s off and on. I know that I won't be able to shimmer or any thing like that. Is this possible? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks CMurray
  16. You guys are all very lucky where I am I have to shovel to put out my display! Last year before halloween we had three feet of snow already! The only positive side is the grass is dead by that time and I don't have to worry about it. CMurray
  17. sysco wrote: Sysco, I just looked at the candle in the wish book and I have the same one from a few years ago I was going to offer up because I don't use blowmolds and on the bottom is stamped TPI 1988. I don't know if this helps at all but hopefully it does. CMurray
  18. CrazyChristmas314 wrote: Hi, If the fog machine you are talking about is one of the kind with a light on the top and a toggle button on the bottom (Like the ones from Wal-Mart) then all you have to do is get a 12 volt relay, 12 volt power supply (Wall Wart) and a power jack. You then wire the relay in to the remote and attach the power jack then all you have to do is plug the power supply into a LOR channel. There is no way that I have found yet to make sure the machine does not take a warm up break. If this is the kind of fog machine you are talking about and want, Pictures, part numb
  19. That's also a great idea thanks Joe CMurrray
  20. Thanks for the heads up, I will have to go and check out the local stores for clear minis. The only problem is that I don't think I would have enough time to get a boom lift and tack the big of a job. :]I really like the idea of have lights come from the center to the corners and use a dim or twinkle effect! Thanks for everyones help! CMurray
  21. I was thinking I might try talking them into using blue on the rail as their house is blue and white. Thanks CMurray
  22. That looks greats I maybe should have added that this is just a party the night before the wedding at the mother inlaws house and she wants clear minis and floods to light up the tent and yard. You did a great job if i had the time and enough clear lights I could wrap some large trees like that. Thanks again Cmurray
  23. Hi, I was asked today if I could do a some kind of lighting for a wedding party on Friday night. They only want clear lights and flood lights. There will be about 60-70 people and I am not sure if the want it animated yet. I only have 4 sets of White Led's, 5 sets ofclear icicles and a few sets of 35ct clear minis to work with. They are going to have a tent set up and a use their deck. They have a few small trees and lots of large ones. Also I live next door so animating would be easy as I would just run a cat 5E cable to my christmas hook up. Any ideas of suggestions at all would b
  24. Jeff_Womack wrote: That makes alot more sinceI had never heard of The Noma Digital Light Show and thought he had a way to use an old internet "DSl" modem to control lights, This makes ALOT more sense! Thanks for clearing that up, Calum
  25. Hi, Please make sure that you post what you have done with modifying a DSL box. I also have an old DSL box and was wondering what I could do with it. Please keep us posted! Thanks, Calum
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