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  1. Good Afternoon, I am trying to put together a map of all my fellow PC'ers here in Fayette and Cowetta counties. I have seen your website on flickr, but haven't been able to find an address. Could you share that with me? I am very new to this. This is my first year ;-) www.burtonchristmaslights.tk Merry Christmas, Robert

  2. I have loaded up on around 10 cases of red, green, white 100 ct minis this year. Cost $2.19 at Home Depot, $2.99 at Hobby Lobby! I purchased a few cases of rerd and green at Lowes but their cases are smaller, only 12 boxes.
  3. Last year I purchased the 1000 foot spools of zip wire and the male and female ends. I found I could make the exact length I needed in less than a minute or two, and they cost a fraction of what they would cost if purchased at the store. I just placed an order for another 1000 feet and 40 ends. Works great. www.acarpenterchristmas.shutterfly.com
  4. Ok, I took to many falls off the ladder building my 10 foot Mega Tree last year. This year I am planning on building a 20 foot tree and I have some questions. 1. What level do you have your string holder(topper) at when you are stringing the lights? Do you all have it at a low level like six feet or 10 feet or what? I guess the point is to make it easier to string the ends to the topper! 2. As you are stringing the tree, do you all lay the strings out length wise on the ground before lifting, or do you go ahead and tie them off to your base as you string the tree and then raise it up until the srings are tight? (I hope you understand what I am asking? I want to try to avoid having a big tangled mess as I raise the topper up and I was wondering how you all have done this. I cant find any videos of people doing the stringing and then raising the lights up. I appreciate any advice. I want to try to have the strings nice and straight and keep them perfectly matched with their opposite side strings which will share the same channel! www.acarpenterchristmas.shutterfly.com
  5. So you are saying that you have the antenna "inside" your house? I thaught you would need to set it up on say your rooftop! Would you get as good a range if you just set the antenna on the ground out in the front or side yard without elevating it? I'm glad to hear you have had good luck with it. www.acarpenterchristmas.shutterfly.com
  6. I was at Home Depot today and saw they are getting some of their Christmas stuff out. They had boxes of 100 light Mini's for $2.17 a box. Now the ones they had out were the multi color strings. They did not have the red/green/white out yet. Has anyone seen them in your stores? Are they the same $2.17 a box? I saw that our Hobby Lobby has the same minis as last year for $2.99 a box, but only in clear so far! www.acarpenterchristmas.shutterfly.com
  7. I want better range than my old transmitter offered. I ran across this one and it looks pretty good. If anyone else has a better suggestion can you share the info please! Thanks for any advice. http://www.mobileblackbox.com/content/view/43/77/ www.acarpenterchristmas.shutterfly.com
  8. http://www.mobileblackbox.com/content/view/43/77/ www.acarpenterchristmas.shutterfly.com
  9. MD88F/O

    GA roll Call

    Pool overflowed and the yard is very wet, but otherwise we are great here in Peachtree City. I was driving from Dunwoody back home 2 days ago during rush hour, just prior to downtown came to a deadstop at the 75S/85S merge by Georgia Tech! Both Interstates were shut down in both directions! Had a great time spending nearly 3 hours in a dead stop! By the way, has anyone used the Orion 5000 FM transmitter? I am about to by that one! It has a 1-5 mile range and good reviews. Let me know what you all use for a transmitter! Haapy holidays everyone! www.acarpenterchristmas.shutterfly.com
  10. MD88F/O

    2009 Plans

    I am sticking with last years songs but adding additional channels. This year I am adding strobes, doing the entire roof outline in 3 colors, adding numerous stars, moving up to to a 20' 36 channel Mega Tree, and wrapping numerous trees in 3 colors. I also am adding a new FM transmitter with a 1-5 mile range, building a new sign, and lighting an additional 6 wreaths. I have got to get the electrician out to install an additional 6 outlets and add some larger breakers. I hope eveyone's display set up goes well and if you are in Peachtree City drop by. www.acarpenterchristmas.shutterfly.com :121_reindeer::santasmileyitty:
  11. I am going to do Talking Heads "Burning Down The House" www.acarpenterchristmas.shutterfly.com
  12. You can find our display down in Peachtree City! Looking forward to seeing everyone's display this year, and please come see our if your are in the area. www.acarpenterchristmas.shutterfly.com 309 Cumberland Court The Preserve Subdivision Peachtree City, GA
  13. Art Carpenter 309 Cumberland Court Peachtree City, GA 30269 The Preserve Going for 120,000 lights this year www.acarpenterchristmas.shutterfly.com Please add me to your list
  14. Last season I added three additional outlets in my yard. The electrician just tapped off of three outlets that I have inside the house that are rarely used. IE..he tapped off of one outlet in the dining room, one outlet in the front hall, and one outlet in my den! I had no problems at all last year. My question is this, If I am going to add additional outlets this year, is this a good way to go (it's cheap!) At what point do I need to invest real money for subpanels, additional breakers and a 50 amp capability? www.acarpenterchristmas.shutterfly.com Peachtree City, Georgia
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